Monday, 5 February 2018


For every woman desiring to marry a great, highly successful, super intelligent, fearless, courageous, handsome and anointed man like Samson, prepare for a Delilah!
I don't mean to scare you, Samsons are hard to keep. You need to work extra hard on your self to keep being the only focus in their lives.
Samsons are rare, so are their lifestyles and habits -they come in a high package: high brain, high taste, high power and high sexual drive. Samson's libido was super high. It was not his fault, God blessed him with unusual adrenaline; his testosterone was way too high for the common man and so was the blood rushing to all the appropriate places, the result? An insatiable hunger for sex.
Here comes Delilah! Most women erroneously think Delilah was a prostitute. No, she was not! Delilah was an aristocrat. She was a raving beauty no doubt but she was also very intelligent, super rich and dined with the high and mighty. She was the type of woman common men feared and admired from a distance. She had an aura of success and power around her, she was the perfect challenge for Samson.
Your Samson will like challenges. He will be very creative and love creative surprises, if you don't meet up with this demand at home, his life will become boring and any woman who fills that role becomes an instant attraction.
Yes, there are enemies who hate your Samson! Why would he get all the success and admiration and leave them with nothing? Satan is still in the business of setting up Delilahs. Many women still ignorantly think the first thing Delilah threw at Samson was sex. They see her as a sex goddess who seduced him with all manner of sex orgies they could ever think of, if you think that way, you will never have a successful marriage with Samson. No, it was not sex. The Bible didn't even talk about their sex life at all. The first thing she gave him was ADMIRATION. That blew Samson off.
Successful men crave admiration. He needs to know he's doing great and he sweeps you off your feet.
Next, was comfort, she gave him her laps. Samson was huge and his major occupation was fighting his enemies morning, noon and night. Fighting competitors in business and career is not a joke so Samson was all worn out and tired. Delilah understood this and gave him PHYSICAL COMFORT -her laps.
What was Samson doing on her laps? He was listening to her while she praised, admired, played with his hair and romanced him, read that again, romance, not sex. Some women think all a man needs his sex and nothing more. A common man may need just that but not Samson, Samson needs the romance BADLY. He needs the gentle touches, soft kisses, gentle massages and admiration. He needs to be treated like a baby at home. He wants you to sing in his ears the same way you
sing to your baby. He needs to be pampered after a hard day's job. If Delilah gave him sex after the whole show, the Bible did not tell, all we know is he fell for her hype, deceit and manipulation and lost his power neat! That is the job of Delilah, to steal your husband's power! Mission accomplished.
What happens after then? She ran and left the Philistines to finish him! Hmmm.... Before you marry your Samson, ask yourself these questions, are you capable? Do you have what it takes? Can you meet this man's high needs or you just want to be his wife to enjoy his money and nothing more?
Not all Samsons have fallen to Delilah. There are thousands upon thousands who ignore her and focus on their wives but remember it doesn't come easy and cheap... behind every great man is a great wife or else.... you will not fail in Jesus name. See you next time.

God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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