Friday, 9 February 2018


If you find it difficult breaking away from your EX, you need deliverance from soul tie! Sex is so powerful! It can shatter you to a million pieces or raise you to international stardom. It all depends on who you sleep with! Sex can mar you as well as make you!
Sex is the fusion of two spirits, two souls and two bodies to become one. The fusion of your sexual organs are the least fusion you see. Bigger things happen in the spiritual realm especially when blood -the losing of virginity is involved!
Blood or no blood, you are joined together with your partner and every where you go, they follow you. There is an invisible rope that always pull you to them though you don't want to have anything to do with them anymore, that rope is soul tie!
When I counsel singles in sick, disastrous relationships to end it and they find it difficult doing so, I usually ask them, "have you had sex?" most of the time, the answer is yes! That is soul tie in action! Soul tie will make a woman stick to a man who everyone sees as a murderer! He has not married her, yet he beats her blue black and turns her to a punching bag at every slight provocation!
Soul tie will make a man stick to a cheat, whore, double dater, an arrogant, pompous, spoilt brat in the name of love! Soul tie will make a woman dump her fiancee on the wedding day and make out with an EX in an hotel! Soul tie will make a married man restless each time he sees, talk to and chat with his EX. Soul tie will make a married woman have secret meetings with an EX where they make out in the dark! Soul tie has broken so many marriages beyond repair! Soul tie has made many wealthy men paupers and once beautiful, virtuous ladies into devil incarnates! Soul tie has destroyed so many lives with countless committing suicides! Soul tie will destroy you!
When you have sex, your life is fused with that person. You begin to manifest some if not all their vices and you find it difficult leaving them when you should.
Healthy soul tie happens in marriage with the right person and with God on your side, focus amd hard work, you become a super successful, mighty force to reckone with. Marriage is the right place for a healthy soul tie!
If you are still a virgin, congratulate yourself and count yourself lucky because you save yourself lots of headache, people with past sexual experiences battle with. Pre-marital sex makes life so complicated.
If you find it difficult breaking away from abusive, dangerous, disastrous relationships as a single person or you find it difficult breaking away from your EX as a married person, you need to give your life to Jesus then consciously break every sexual covenant and soul tie you have unconsciously entered into and proclaim your liberty in christ. "For if any man be in Christ...." 

God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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