Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Never change your personality because you want to marry or please anybody, only please God.
Be yourself, stay true to yourself and firmly stand for what you believe in.
I have a temperament called Sanguine/Choleric. I am a complete extrovert. I am vivacious, out spoken, audacious, daring and fearless. I go where angels fear to thread and stand strong in my convictions. Did that make every guy like me when I was single? Nay! Some where intimidated and ran for cover, some showed interest and tried hard to conquer me. Some were at logger head with my personality and tried to transform me into what I am not.
Some simply avoided me while others, well, may be prayed for me. I wasn't moved. I wasn't in a hurry to get married. I didn't change my personality to attract men and get married real quick. I understood I was different and unique. I am a leader and leaders don't please everybody. I had to wait for true love to find me.
The man I married today fell completely in love with my personality. He was first of all dazed at my unique personality, then attracted, then admired, then gave me a definite hot chase.
What makes some men go completely mad simply amuses him. Lots of people have wondered how he had been able to live happily with me considering my strong temperament. He'd simply smile broadly and shrug as if he knew a world class secret. He
doesn't compete with me but rather completes me. He manages me well and gives me all manner of pet names when some men would have abused, cursed or disgrace their wives.
I have grown more mature. I work daily on my weaknesses and try to emulate my husband's good behaviours which I admire a lot but my basic personality has not changed and will never change!
Listen, you can't pretend forever. You can't be somebody else all your life. You can't be the sweet gentle Cinderella for the rest of your married life if that is who YOU ARE NOT.
Sooner or later, your real personality will come out and your spouse will find it difficult to accept you.
No, don't be rude and expect your spouse to accept that. Don't be troublesome, haughty, domineering and completely anti-social. No one will accept that. Be a virtous woman. Be a woman of character, dignity, self respect and honour but never change your BASIC personality because of anybody, you will one day regret it.
I see too many people struggle in their marriages and my heart bleed. They do everything in their power to please their spouse but he won't just accept them the way they are. Be yourself, don't change yourself because of anybody. Your own spouse will locate you. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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