Friday, 16 February 2018


Your man can go completely crazy for you. Men are not difficult at all, they are the simplest specie I have ever dealt with in my life. No one makes my life easier than a man, my man.
Here are the keys to any man's heart. If you can understand him, you can get anything you want from him.
1. ACCEPT HIM AS A MAN: He is a MAN, not a woman, so treat him as such.
2. ADMIRE HIM : Men love to be admired. So many frustrated men I've met are not being admired by their wives. Admire his looks,
career, talent, intelligence, success and sexual prowess(that is if you are married. A godly single lady shouldn't know how a man performs in bed).
3. PRAISE HIM: Men love to be praised. From signing a new business deal, to doing well at work or even killing a rat at home, let him know he is your hero. Praise that man silly, lavish it on him but don't flatter. That is a turn off.
6. RESPECT HIM: I've got countless favour, open doors and breakthroughs from men when
I just showed respect and use "sir" as appropriate.
7. BE YOURSELF: Men hate pretense. If you are an extrovert, be extrovert, if introvert, be
introvert. Don't pretend to be a guru at what you hate.
8. LET HIM BE HIMSELF: A man can sacrifice his life for a woman who gives him peace.
9. YES, HE WILL LOOK: Men like attractive women and he may look at them. It doesn't mean he will chase them. Allow him to be a
man and stop making him feel guilty. IT IS NORMAL.
10. GIVE YOUR MAN QUALITY SEX: Your husband needs that thing very badly and he doesn't feel like a man at all if you just lie there like a log of wood. Seeing you climax is his greatest joy and achievement in bed. Let him hear you moan.
11. PRAY FOR HIM: My husband becomes a baby in my arms once he knows I'm praying for him. He surrenders his all and knows I will
not harm him.
12. DON'T PAY HIS BILLS UNLESS HE ASKS: No REAL man wants a woman to spend all her money on him. It is his joy to give to you.
13. LET HIM GIVE: If he wants to spoil you, so be it, it's his money...
14. LOVE HIS MOMMA: Good men don't joke with their mothers. Love her like he does and encourage him to give to her.
15. MAKE HIM WAIT: If you are in courtship, make him wait for sex. Telling him to hold on make him see you as a jewel of in-estimate value worth dyeing for. I'm not talking about users who demand sex on every date. I'm talking about real men who know the value of a woman. Never date a user....
16. GIVE HIM DELICIOUS FOOD: A man likes to eat like a king. Always serve him his hot, steamy favourite dish exactly the way he wants it and at the right time. If you can snatch him away from "mama put" you have his heart forever.

By Oladele Seun.

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