Friday, 23 February 2018


Life is filled with challenges. Whether married or single, you will go through tough times (Isaiah 43:2), these are what shapes you, mould you and prepare you for the next stage in life.
The Apostle of wisdom: Dr. Mike Murdock says, "crisis begins at the curve of change". When something big and major is about to happen in your life, a crisis sometimes occur which rocks you, shakes you to your foundation, reveals your weaknesses, exposes your inadequacies, displays your helplessness while you run to God, get strengthened, sharpen your weapons, get stronger, prepare for your next level, face your battles, win them and get promoted. There is no promotion without any examination. Your crises are the exams you must pass to move to your next level in life!
Your level of maturity determines how you respond to crisis! Your single years are to equip you to be mature for marriage.
Singleness is not for sleeping around and waking up when you realize your biological clock is ticking away, your single years are to sit down, prepare well before embarking on the journey of no return-your marriage.
How well you prepare as a single person determines how your marriage will turn out. A wise man said, "If I'm given 8 hours to cut down a tree, I will spend 6 hours sharpening my cutlass and only 2 hours cutting the tree".
What most singles do is, they spend less than 30 minutes sharpening their cutlasses: no time to read good books to help their marriages; they spend all 24 hours shopping for a spouse on facebook like one looking for a wear on Jiji, masturbate, watch porn, gossip all around the street then the remaining 7 and half hours trying to cut down the tree: running helter skelter in marriage trying to solve problems they never prepared for!
Challenges are part of marriage. Your wife may experience delay, your husband may lose his job, the children may fall sick, there may be times you have no food to eat, your in-laws may give you problem, your spouse may start having an affair or experience intense inner and outer pressure to have an affair, there may be spiritual attack on your marriage. What will you do? How well you prepare determines how you respond to the challenges.
Marriage does not have a problem of its own, we bring our personal problems into marriage. If you don't know how to handle your life as a single person, you are going to breakdown when challenges come in marriage!
To the optimistic person, the cup is half full, to the pessimistic, the cup is half empty. How we see life and marriage is determined by how well we are prepared to handle life.
Some people will go through problems and will be smiling, laughing, bouncing and having fun while some will be wailing, weeping and crying, it all depends on our preparation, inner strength and grace!
I love challenges, they are the breakfast of champions. I've gone through some stuffs that will make many open their mouths with awe but I hate talking about them because they add absolutely nothing to my tomorrow except form the stones on which I climb to greatness. The blessings I get from my problems far out weigh the challenges so I focus on the blessings and the blessings never cease coming.
Do I really have challenges? I don't think so I don't see them. They don't exist so it's nothing to worry or talk about, I keep having my fun and enjoy my day as it comes.
Marriage can be lots and lots of fun, pleasure and enjoyment or loads and loads of pain depending on your perspective and how well you are prepared to handle it. See you next time. Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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