Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Being in love with your partner doesn't mean you won't be attracted to someone else or the person you are attracted to won't turn you on. Occasionally, you may even get so carried away by the new attraction especially if you are experiencing crises in your present relationship that you want to quit it altogether and pursue the new flame!
Distraction -attraction for someone else sometimes happen in even the best of relationships, if you do not deal with it, it can turn into a big mess!
When I was single, I had more admirers after I got engaged. My fiance had done a great job on me and I appeared prettier. At work and everywhere, there were men who liked to come closer. Among the lot was one whose temperament balanced mine and we really flowed together. We could talk for hours on end and not get bored. Not withstanding, I was engaged, I had to stay faithful to my partner and not cross boundaries. Regardless of the chemistry and attraction, I kept Adewunmi as number 1 in my heart after God and not cheat or dump him for the "better" guys. I heard God clearly before saying YES to him, that was the number one drive propelling me towards getting married to him.
Lots of singles are confused when another person shows interest in them and they start praying again for God's will or dump the old guy/lady for the new one. Didn't you pray well before you proposed/accept the marriage proposal? You must learn to hear God well. This will help you stand firm in your convictions when distraction or opposition comes in your relationship. The devil hates godly relationships that will lead to godly marriages, he knows if you succeed in marrying that guy/lady, he is in trouble! Whatever he can do to ensure you marry the wrong person, he will, so be alert.
Distraction does not end in courtship, it continues after marriage. Nicer, loving, more beautiful, curvier, holier, smarter, more handsome, affectionate, intelligent and super sexier men/women will come your way. These type of people sometimes show up when your marriage is experiencing stress, conflicts or crises. Some even show up when your marriage is great, sweet and you have no single problem with your spouse. They may appear like the most loving, caring friends you have ever met in your lifetime.
Some may bond with you, some may have sexual chemistry for you, some may chase you, some may openly declare their love for you. These are distractions, you must learn how to deal with distractions! You must learn how to set boundaries and focus on your spouse alone. If you are not disciplined as a single guy or lady, your marriage will experience ceaseless crises!
My husband knows how to treat women with respect and care. After a meeting with some clients, a woman got so carried away talking to this understanding man, she unconsciously shifted from her position and was getting very close to where he sat, almost moving to his face. Hubby knows how to set boundaries and move back when necessary of course. The woman shifted back to her normal position on my return (I had gone to fix something) and resumed her talk. Men in leadership position and authority face lots of distractions from women who hold them in esteem.
If you are aspiring for a leadership position as a young man, you must learn to deal with distractions because they will come! If you can't handle it in courtship, you will fail woefully in marriage.
That friend who had chemistry for me while single looked at me in the eye few months after I got married with pain in his voice, "your husband is so lucky..." I got the message and I understood what he meant but Adewunmi is God's will for me.
I've met different men who appear great, wonderful and compatible with similar interest and vision but Adewunmi is God's will for me. He is my primary focus, every other person is secondary. He is my very best and I thank God daily I'm married to the best man in the world. No other person can take his place in my heart.
We work together. We are always together. We partner together. We are so much into each other. Every door to multiple distraction are tightly shut with no single space left for anyone to come in.
You must learn to hear God CLEARLY. You must learn to pick the right spouse, you must learn to attract and keep your own soul mate. If you are under the yoke of delay which keep your spouse far from you and you are getting desperate or attracting the wrong guys/ladies, you must break the yoke of marital delay. Watch out for my ebook on overcoming marital delay. All yokes will be broken! In another ebook, you will learn to attract, recognize and get married to your own bone and flesh, your perfect soul mate. They are both coming out soon.

See you next time, God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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