Friday, 23 February 2018


Sex to a man is more than physical pleasure. Sex is conquest, it is an achievement of a sort; it is the affirmation of manhood. This may sound stupid and senseless to a woman but to a man it is not.
Withholding sex from a man makes you mysterious and strangely attractive. A man likes to overcome a challenge and CONQUER.
Having sex with you is conquering you. If he does so before marriage, he loses the passion to pursue and chase you further because you do not give him anymore challenge. If you pressure him and he continues with the relationship he does so with less enthusiasm and respect for you.
Delaying sex till marriage has its numerous benefits. Apart from avoiding unwanted pregnancy and AIDS, you develop a very healthy self esteem. Your face glows with pride and you help your man develop SELF CONTROL.
Women who give men sex in courtship do not know they are helping their men commit adultery in marriage. You have trained him to always get sex improperly at the wrong time because you feel he cannot hold it so when you marry and are heavily pregnant or just deliver your baby please don't be angry if hubby runs after a mistress or caught making out with the maid.
The best place to be "conquered" is in marriage. Saving sex till the wedding night makes the man sees you as a highly valuable jewel worth having. I'm not just referring to virgins. Even if you 've had a terrible past, abortions or a child out of wedlock. FORGET THE PAST and save sex for the wedding night.
Let the man know the past was a mistake but now you know better. You are not going to CHEAPEN yourself before any man anymore. If he accepts it fine, if not he is free to go. You are not a sexual machine. Any man who will marry you must accept your person not just your private part. You are not a sex toy. You are a woman he needs to appreciate, love and value.
When you give your man sex on the wedding night, he has "conquered" you and there is a look of pride in his eyes. That pride spread over to you and the result is a loving, trusting, peaceful and blissful marriage. You are happy that your man owns you completely and he is happy to be the one in charge of you. This is very crucial and basic in marriage. It is the foundation for trust, faithfulness and commitment for life.
Learn to control your sexual urge and teach your man to control his as well. There is time for everything under the sun. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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