Friday, 16 February 2018


Some one sent me this:
"There's something I want to you to post in public may be everyone will learn some thing about it because many people are having problems about this type of issues and tell us your advice and who to blame.
A guy married his wife but he was not the one who disvirgined her . They plan to divorce now. The wife complained the man is not strong in bed because his manhood is too small. That he suppose to use drugs for penis enlargement so that she can enjoy sex with him and the man said he can never use any drug because that's the way God created his manhood. He also said that if his wife was decent and kept her virginity, his smallest penis would satisfy her very well but the problem is that his wife has messed herself up with boys before he met her. But the question is who will you blame in this issue: the man who has a small manhood or the woman that lost her virginity to a man that had a big manhood than her husband?"
Why would she, after sleeping around, open her mouth and tell her husband his penis is too small? Why didn't she marry one of those boys she had pre-marital sex with? How will she feel if her husband complains her vagina is too wide and he needs a virgin before he breaks his back? Her husband's penis size is natural and I do not support penis enlargement so she should learn ways to enjoy it. Since the man knew his wife had that kind of past, he should have prepared to do whatever it takes to make her enjoy sex in marriage. I am not a judge so I won't be blaming anybody.
Both of them should read ANSWERS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE by Bruce and Carol Britten; SEX IN MARRIAGE by Funmi Akingbade and THE ACT OF MARRIAGE by Tim Lahaye. These books deal with very serious sexual issues in marriage. This is facebook, I wouldn't be going into explicit details. They should read the books and digest the content.
Single ladies and guys should stop sleeping around. This and more are the kinds of problems you face in marriage.
A little word is enough for the wise. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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