Monday, 5 February 2018


I heard the story of a pretty, virtuous, wonderful and sweet lady of God who got married to a fire brand brother. Not long after the wedding, perhaps 3 or 6 months after, brother and sister had a misunderstanding, she suddenly changed, with her eyes red hot, she told him she was on assignment and must finish him before she goes back! She suddenly turned to a very big snake and aimed for the brother who suddenly gathered his wits together, commanded her to stop and ordered her to go straight to the wilderness and never returned! That was the biggest mistake of his life! The snake yielded to the power of God, crawled out of the room and never returned but the in-laws reaction was a different story! They insisted their beloved daughter was not a snake! He must bring her from wherever he kept her, all his plea fell on deaf ears! He was arrested and thrown in prison. I heard that true life story many years ago!
An old friend of mine was separated from his wife when I met him. The marriage was finished! His excuse for kicking her out was that she had a spiritual spouse who was a snake! During deliverance prayers, she confessed, her snake husband used to come into her through her third toe, placed it's mouth wide opened in her private part that each time he had sex with her he would be pouring the sperm in the snake's mouth not her womb. She never once conceived till she left. This is a true life story. The husband was a Pastor whom I knew personally. I've met the wife once or twice. She was an unusual beauty, had a beautiful face, very busty and extra ordinarily big buttocks that will put Kim Kardashian's bottom to shame! She was beautiful in every way, that beauty almost ruined him, he was a sorry case when I met him!
I heard so much stories of people turning into strange things after wedding that I got scared, really really scared. I was told men pretend a lot and they would change after marriage! That almost knocked my heart out with fear. My fiance was a strange being. The "goodest" man I have ever come across in my entire life! Gentle to a fault, loving with perfection, generous without asking for anything. Tolerating all my weaknesses and treated me like gold. His love was too much for me. So much I got scared and keep asking, "won't you change?" He would smile sweetly and gently reply, "I won't."
Then came our wedding night. After we went to sleep, I kept opening one eye to see if he had turned to leopard or a big python, nothing like that happened, I heaved! Months after wedding, I expected him to start shouting, screaming and yelling, no, he didn't. He remained his cool, calm gentle self. It's seven years of marriage, my husband has not changed one bit except he is more romantic, patient, loving and forgiving. I see you heave a big sigh of relief!
Marriage is not as tough as people sometimes paint it to be, honestly. Marriage is not difficult at all. There is nothing to get scared of in marriage. The people who had big problems are the exceptions who out rightly disobeyed God and picked the wrong spouse!
You can't be carnal when you want to marry. My Pastor friend picked his wife based on beauty and heard the devil he claimed was God who told him audibly she was his wife. The man who married a snake had the same problem too. The devil speaks! If you don't know how to hear God, the devil will speak to you and you will mistake it as the voice of God.
Some told me they've been praying but not hearing anything from God. Read Isaiah 59, that is the solution to your problem.
Do you have peace of mind in the relationship? Not fake peace but the original one from heaven? Peace is the acid test of God's will. It's a sign you are following His will for your life.
Being confused, fearful and weak in the relationship is a sign God is not in it. It's as simple as that. Do you want to start hearing from God? Read HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD by Joyce Meyers, it will help a lot. Don't ask me where to get it. I am not a bookshop. Christian bookshops are everywhere.
You will not marry a snake in Jesus' name! See you next time. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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