Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Okay, okay. We should avoid fornication, never touch a lady till you marry her. Those stuff are good. Very good. Okay, what about those guys who didn't touch or "do" only to get married and discovered the lady has only one breast or something worse? A brother got married recently expecting something great on the wedding night, what did he see? Flat and sagging breasts and the buttock? Nothing. It was padded and probably lifted up with waist trainers. That is a huge shocker!
You don’t need to strip her naked in courtship to know what you are "buying." Simply give your courtship time and ask every question you can before you marry a fake woman.
If she's had abortions, a child or children, she can't have firm breasts. Some women are lucky, they still look great after many children but they are few, very few. It is the real person you are marrying not her body, if you still like her despite her past, go ahead and marry her but don't be shocked if you see stretch marks and other stuff on your wedding night.
If you know from the depth of your heart, YOU CANNOT COPE, please don't deceive yourself. Let her go and pray for someone whose body you will admire till you die.
Romance and sex is part of marriage. Speaking in tongues and preaching all the time will not kill that. I can't count the number of Christians who find their wives repulsive and sleep with other women out there. Please don't deceive yourself.
Marriage is more than sex. The thrill of sex will wear out but your core values, character and compatibility will last a life time. Choose someone you are compatible with not just someone who makes your body hot. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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