Friday, 16 February 2018


Don't force your partner to do things they honestly can't do, it's disrespect, it's rude, it's uncalled for.
We all have weaknesses and strengths, that is why we go into relationships, that is why we get married so that our spouses can complete us where we are weak.
Yes, help them get better. Some people have great potentials but will never utilize it if no one "force" them out of their comfort zone. Help them, encourage them, motivate them but don't force them, don't drag them, don't abuse them, don't scream at them or even beat them, you are not dealing with a baby for crying out loud, this is a complete adult you are relating with, show them some respect, pleeeeeeaaaase!
If there are some things you want them to do but they honestly can't, better end the courtship in peace than set yourself up for frustration in marriage, marriage is not by force!
Do not compare your spouse with anyone and expect them to act like them, we are all different, so are our spouses. Never compare your spouse with your EX, why don't you go right ahead and marry your EX?
My husband is a perfect gentleman who likes solitude and silent influence. He cleaned me, brushed me, impacted my life and release me to make impact in the world! He never forces me to keep quiet and does things as he does or glue me down to the kitchen and bedroom! He knows I have a calling, a ministry and encourages, motivates and inspires me to reach for the summit on daily basis.
He is a master trainer, a father figure, my mentor, my boss, my analyst, my administrator. He checks my mistakes and corrects them before I land in trouble! At my blog, I write, he posts my articles on the blog and helps me manage it. He gives me all the time I need in the world to write and post daily on facebook. He takes care of the home while I go out to minister.
As an educationist and my boss whom I work for, he handles the tough work of running the business while I add spices and exuberance. We are a perfect match made from heaven! No competition, no complain, no using force!
Pray for your own bone and flesh! Someone who loves you and accepts you the way you are! Someone is committed to you and is ready to do all in their power to help you fulfil destiny!
Do not marry a complainer who is forcing you to be who you are not in order to please them. May you not mischoose in Jesus' name!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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