Friday, 16 February 2018

Stirring Up Love

Being twenty five had its perks especially if you were an established event planner well known in the buzzing city of Lagos. Tinuke had ventured into event planning while in her second year in the university and although she was now a graduate of law, she had not one day practiced as a lawyer.

The idea of having clocked twenty five on the seventh of January which was a few weeks ago had struck her when she had been overwhelmed by the love she had gotten from her family, friends, business partners and well-wishers.

But something had been missing, she had spoken to her best friend Ada about it but she howbeit knew that Ada did not exactly understand her plight. Ada was three years older than her and was married with two kids. Tinuke had even planned her wedding. She had lost count of the number of weddings she had organised over the past three years, ranging from high profile weddings to middle class ones and the modest marriage ceremonies you could think of. She had planned them all and that was what disturbed her.

It was year 2016 and in a week’s time, it would be Valentine's Day. It struck her that she had never celebrated Valentine's Day with a partner; she had never been in a relationship even. Not even one, and here she was planning events especially weddings at the age of twenty five.

She knew she was beautiful, she saw the ways eyes rolled when she stepped into an event, the compliments she received from males and females were also a proof. She was a believer, accepting Christ five years back had been the best thing that happened to her. But try hard as she did, her faith was failing her to trust this time. She could not help but wonder if she would ever get married.

Ada had told her to pray and trust God but she had not even had the confidence to pray. She stood from the couch where she had been seated for over twenty minutes and knelt by the table. She prayed for about fifteen minutes taking time to mention her friends who were married including her younger sister who was engaged. She knew it was odd but she could not help pouring it all out to God all the same.

By Stephanie Ify.
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