Thursday, 22 February 2018


I like putting down hot pot from the stove or gas cooker with my bare hands. I have a strong skin so I maximized its strength in the kitchen. While frying fishes, hot oil would splash on my hand and I would just wipe it off and continue as if nothing happened.

Hubby had begged me countless times to always use a napkin to put down hot pots and move away from oil splashing fishes or plantain, I would just shrug it off and boast nothing will happen.

While pregnant with my second son, I dared the hot oil again. I rushed to the kitchen to fry plantain for my hungry son while allowing the oil to splash freely as I hurriedly threw the sliced plantains in the pan, I had forgotten I was pregnant and my skin had become soft and sensitive. The first splash sent pain reeling through my spine but I ignored it all the same and continued frying.

Few hours later, the affected areas had formed blisters, in 48 hours my right hand had become swollen and the pain it sent through my entire being was unbearable. I later drained water out of the blisters, it turned to wound which I nursed till it healed up but it left a scar, some small scars on my right hand. The pain is gone forever. I had learnt my lesson but the scar is still there. Each time I see it, I do not like it. It made me self conscious, but since hubby loves my hand though he didn't like the way I got my scar, I've learnt to accept and love it.

God will forgive you your past mistakes but the scar will remain. Thank God for salvation. It will give you a brand new life but will not return your broken hymen, it will not kill the child you have out of wedlock, it will not deny the HIV you had through unprotected sex. It will not automatically clear off the curses and covenants you have acquired by sleeping with strange people before marriage, these are your scars.

No sin leaves us the same. It damages something we will always regret. Conscious efforts have to be taken through intense prayer, regular study of the word among others to undo the damages. Even at that some scar remains.

Do not start what you cannot finish. Don't do what you will regret in future you ever did. Say NO to premarital sex and adultery. Say No to all form of immorality and sin. You will be glad you did. God bless you. Cheers!

By Seun Oladele.

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