Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Let's be practical and down to earth. There are days you feel horny, it is senseless to go hugging ladies and pecking petite girls on the cheeks while speaking in tongues, come on, you are a married man, go hug and peck your wife!
You shouldn't hang around that guy that makes you go hot on days your body seems to be on fire. Stay away from lusty guys and go wrap yourself around your husband.
These are seemingly "harmless" things people do that make them commit adultery. It is not the devil tempting people these days. People are tempting the devil hard to tempt them.
Adultery doesn't just happen. People see all the signals but they ignore them and go right ahead to do the forbidden while dragging Jesus' name in the mud.
Pastors should not pray for sisters they find sexually appealing in a lonely room. Counsellors should avoid being involved with the 'counsellees' they have chemistry for.
Avoid calling or chatting with the man or woman who wakes up your libido. Set the limits. Know your weaknesses and avoid setting up yourself for trouble. Set boundaries, that is how to stay sexually pure. God bless you. 


By Oladele Seun.

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