Wednesday, 7 February 2018


If you listen to people who believe fighting, conflict, cheating and marital crises are inevitable, you are going to have serious marital problem even before you get married!
One lady started looking for ways to fight her husband; they had so much peace in the marriage, she had no peace! She said their counsellor told them until they fought and showed each other their true colour, their marriage has not begun! I don't know where that demonic doctrine is written in the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, honestly don't see where we are commanded to fight our spouses!
Some women claim men have Adamic nature and so must cheat (I didn't see where Adam cheated on Eve in the Bible!) Some lust infested men also believe this satanic doctrine and look for ways to satisfy their lust while the wives kept developing high blood pressure each time she sees a female around her spouse! One lady cried out in a facebook group because her husband responded to a lady's message on facebook, that was all. She was already suspecting an affair!
The same group of friends who called their husband dogs and community penis told her to calm down, it's not yet time, when its time she will know. She was already suspecting cheating when there was none because of the nonsense she's been hearing from some unhappily married women!
Who you listen to determines how your life will turn out! Who teaches you determines who you become! If you are fed with message of woe your life will never lack tales of woe! If you are told to expect problems, you will look for ways to create problems even when their is none!
The Bible is our ultimate guide for marriage! "Follow peace with all men..." is what the Bible says "...and holiness without which no man shall see the lord." Another passage says, "as much as it lieth on you live peacefully with all men." We are commanded to live in peace, not in pieces.
All fighting, quarrel, hatred, cheating and affairs in marriage are products of carnality, disobedience to the word of God, selfishness and immaturity. Excusing our sins on the excuse we must fight in marriage is choosing to live in carnality rather than obeying the word!
If I chose to fight my spouse, it's not because of what he did, it's because I am immature and carnal. The earlier we accept responsibility for our actions and behaviour, the better.
Look for people who have good marriages and learn from them. I learnt practical submission from my mentor whom I never saw once looked at her husband in the face and dare his authority. Since the day I heard from her husband said she never say NO to sex, my sex life took a new turn. I don't say NO to sex in marriage!
I didn't sleep with another man's husband so I don't expect anyone to sleep with mine. I can never have sex with another man aside my husband because by the grace of God, it is not in my blood, Christ's redemptive DNA forbids that!
Who do you listen to? Who rules your life? I listen to Jesus, He rules my life and runs my marriage, I don't know about you. The word of God is there to guide us. If you hate reading your Bible, I'm so sorry, very sorry for you. May the Lord help us all to experience daily bliss, joy and peace in our marriages. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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