Thursday, 8 February 2018


A man who GENUINELY loves you accepts your total package: strengths, weaknesses, beauty, ugliness, dirt, grime and all.
Your past, present or future does not affect his love for you. Most women who have serious marital crises were blind to this fact in courtship. The man was always complaining and griming about things they can't change and they endured it thinking he would change in marriage. Here is a painful truth singles need to learn now: PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE IN MARRIAGE . They may grow, adjust and suppress their real self, but they rarely change.
When people complain about their spouses, I usually ask,"Didn't you notice it in courtship?" "I thought he would change" is the usual answer.
You can't change anybody, especially a man . You are not God. Even God does not force change on anyone. The best way to save your self lots of heart ache in future is to marry someone who is comfortable with you and you are comfortable with. Marry a man who loves your soul not just your body, character, achievement and money.
Never attempt to change your temperament, strong beliefs and values because you want to impress a man . Never pretend to be who you are not in order to get him to marry you. Marriage is for life, you can't pretend forever in marriage. Very soon, you get tired of being somebody else and show your true colour then his love for you is over because you were not the one he fell in love with. It was the fake personality you showed him that he loved and once that is gone so is the love.
Too many ladies get desperate these days and it gets to me. You can't afford to waste your time trying different men. Sit yourself down and list the qualities you want in a man. Go out, get good books and tapes on locating that type of man and stay focused. Don't throw yourself at any man. 

Be principled and let your own man find you. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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