Friday, 16 February 2018


Sequel to my post on PENIS SIZE AND DIVORCE, some guys have developed high fever at the thought of being seen as incompetent with a tiny manhood and that thought alone can render any man impotent! No man likes to be seen as a sexual failure, never! What it will take will it take, never will any man open his two eyes and allow his wife rubbish his performance in bed! It's no wonder viagra among others including those Hausa herbs, cream and rub are selling like crazy!
Some ladies are also scared to death at the thought of having a big "thing" pass through her holy of holies on the wedding night. That thought alone makes them freeze to the point of fridgity while the non virgins hope they will get something bigger than their last boy friends and on and on it goes!
There is nothing to be scared of when it comes to sex, when you are marrying God's will, everything is automatically taken care of including the size of penis. God is going to give you the exact size you need and can handle in marriage. The problem is most people are marrying someone not meant for them and sex is the first to suffer in that kind of marriage!
You need to brush your knowledge and understand your sexual anatomy before you get married! Your vagina is not made of plastic or iron, it is elastic and therefore can stretch. That you find it difficult putting a single finger in doesn't mean it won't stretch to accommodate your husband's penis. If it can conveniently stretch to accommodate a baby's head at child birth then your husband's penis is no big deal.
Regardless of the size of your penis, if she marries as a virgin, you will fit her well, nothing to get scared on. Over time it will adjust to suit you properly, both of you will find ways to enjoy and satisfy each other, since she has not had any sexual experience before with no one to compare you with, she won't complain your penis is too small.
If she had had sex before and abstain for years till wedding, her vagina will close back to the pre-sex size and may even feel the pain of a virgin on the wedding night. She will conveniently accommodate you regardless of the size. From about one year upward, no matter how much she has had sex in the past, her vagina closes back and regain firmness and tightness.
Whether virgin or not, vagina stretches after childbirth and conscious effort needs to be taken to regain firmness, tightness and enjoy sex.
As I've always said, SEX IS STRICTLY FOR THE MARRIED. If you go about having sex like a bitch, a whore, a sex maniac or a demon possessed insatiable, psychotic sex addict, You alone have yourself to blame! There is nothing compared to remaining a virgin till wedding night, nothing!
That lady in my previous post had serious sexual problems in marriage because of her sexual past, her past kept haunting her to the point of divorcing her husband!
Some virgins also have problems due to ignorance and over religiosity they call holiness.
Keep your virginity at all cost, it's your pride and also seek knowledge before you get married so you won't live in pain, frustration and marital crises. May the Lord open your eyes of understanding. 

God bless you. Cheers.

© Seun Oladele

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