Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Yes, there are people who turn you on. It doesn't matter if you are a virgin or not, married or single, divorced or separated, holy or a sinner, there is a person or some kind of people that turns you on.
Every one's got chemistry and there are some kind of people that set your hormones on fire on meeting them.
Some women respond to highly intelligent men while others like the charismatic. Some men's head swoon when the see slim ladies while some go ga-ga over the plump and curvy. Some women get worked up when they see hairy men while some men respond to certain feminine voice. These are your WEAKNESSES.
Above the lot might be one in particular whose eyes get at you, once you are in their presence, you feel so uncomfortable. Their eyes are setting the fire works and you may sleep with them if you wait 30 minutes longer.
As a woman you may have chemistry for that fair hairy guy next door. Each time he comes out bare chested and in briefs you lose your sanity and has to grab a pole lest you fall. His hairy chest and legs not only turns you on but his full sensuous lips always draw you towards a passionate kiss. Those are TRIGGERS.
You will save yourself lots of headache if you learn to call a spade a spade and RUN from those triggers. I do not know any other method that will work.
AVOID any person that heavily turns you on. They may be innocent and not know. You will be playing with fire if you keep making friends with them and say it doesn't matter till you find yourself pregnant or impregnate somebody.
While I was a spinster, I never permitted any man into my room for whatever reason under heaven. The only man who entered was my fiance and that was because he was sexually disciplined. Some men tried but I barred them.
My room was a No-Go-Area for men.
As a married woman, I don't visit couples when the wife is not at home. I stay at the door and deliver my message. Call me any name you like. I won't be holier than Jesus. I don't hug men face to face. I don't allow men hold me by the hand or arm. I don't stay around a man in briefs. If you want to talk to me, you should be fully clothed and your manners intact. I don't talk to men I find extremely sexually appealing, I avoid them at all cost. I do not discuss with men in secluded places. I close all chats, whether whatsapp or facebook with men I find irresistible. It's as simple as that.
Trust in marriage is not automatic. If you want your spouse to trust you with all his being, you've gotta prove it. No one can tell my husband ANY jargon that he would believe. He knows me and I know him. We both relate well with the opposite sex and discuss our friendships easily. We know each others'
Keeping your virginity takes extra care and vigilance, you cannot afford to be careless around men.
Learn to set boundaries and face reality, you will save yourself lots of headache in future.
Staying sexually pure is very much possible. Just know who and what turns you on and avoid them as much as possible. You will be glad you did. 


By Seun Oladele

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