Friday, 23 March 2018

A platform for change!

Around half past two in the morning of today, South African time, I received a mail notification and when I checked it; it was from a friend in the United States of America.

Paul Stewart, one of America's best social media developer's gurus and here below is an excerpt from the email:

"Olagunju Success,

Mark Zuckerberg claims he’s sorry for allowing our information to be used in an unauthorized and irrevocably damaging manner.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your social networking platform didn’t think of you as simply a commodity, but rather, a valuable citizen whose voice can help evoke real change in your community and across America?

My firm, Arck Interactive, recently partnered with George Polisner, a tech executive who actually stands by his convictions, to develop, a privacy-protected and ad-free social network designed to empower people through sustained, meaningful civic action. is dedicated to undoing some of the damage inflicted on our country by sinister groups who were aided by the carelessness of Facebook.

Zuckerberg has been wrong about a lot lately. But he’s right about one thing. Facebook doesn’t deserve to serve you. Show him that you will not stand idly by while our democracy is imperiled....."

My reason of sharing this particular email is as a result of a statement I made on Facebook in 2010 and some friends got it twisted. Saying I was trying to prove that I was special, or claim to be different or difficult.

The truth of the matter is; using the line used by Paul Stewart; "Zuckerberg has been wrong about a lot lately. But he’s right about one thing. Facebook doesn’t deserve to serve you." 
I quite agree with the statement because I have been noticing foul plays about the company way back in 2010 that I just kept quiet about and this explains why I no longer use the chat room to communicate with friends like before. 

I currently have two Facebook accounts, run eleven Facebook pages and I recently deleted some of my pages and if not for those pages I'd have also boycott using Facebook. The recent scandal the company founder got involved in would definitely cost them more than "I'm sorry!"

The social media company brought so many positive changes to our social lives but it seems more changes that might cost them a fortune if not losing the company  is dogging their footsteps!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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