Monday, 26 March 2018


Are you the one who makes the phone call, drag him to chat, spend on him, do everything
he asks without thinking yet he won't commit to you? The answer is simple. HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU, period!
You cannot force love on a man. If he loves you, he loves you, if he doesn't, he doesn't. Giving him sex and all the money in your bank account won't change his mind.
Men are not stupid my sister. They are down to earth logical and calculative. They think wide and make sound analysis. When you give him free sex and money he sees you as desperate and the last thing he ever wants to do is take you to the altar. Why? He thinks something is definitely wrong with you. Why are you desperate? What are you lacking? Why are you chasing him? You've got tons and tons of hidden problems that oozes out to him and he's not ready to fix them. Infact, he's scared you are going to choke him with incessant
demands for for love and attention which he doesn't have so he takes to his heels.
Most ladies who complained men used and dumped them are not being sincere. The men gave them all the signals but they refused to
pick it. They were so focused on his hot body, fat bank balance or the exotic car he rides that they were ready to do ANYTHING to make him theirs for life. That may happen in Hollywood movies but not in real life. A man cannot
spend the rest of his life with a woman he doesn't love. Sooner or later, he meets the woman who lets him be the MAN and give her
the chase.
It is the responsibility of the man to chase you, stop doing that job for him. Let him chase you baby. Leave that first phone call for him,
let him do it. NEVER go to his house without invitation. Do not do his chores! He hasn't married you for crying out loud. Why would you wash his clothes, fetch water and have sex with him? Why are you TRYING HARD to CONVINCE him?
No matter how much you are in love with a man, never give him the first the signal. Do not make
the first move. Keep your passion to your purse and let him find you. If he doesn't go out of his way to reach you then you don't matter to him, its as simple as that.
You can't force a man to notice you lady. A man notices the woman he's in love with. He can pick her in a million crowd and risk his life to make her his forever.
Give him some work to do. Don't make yourself too easy to get. A man appreciates what he fights hard to get but despise what he
gets so easily.
I'm not asking you to be rude and unfriendly to men. Be nice and friendly but never be too
available. Never pick a man's first phone call, let him call again to show his seriousness.Don't give him the notion that your life is empty and you desperately needs him to fill it.
I want you to enjoy a blissful relationship. You've suffered enough in the hands of
irresponsible men. Now is the time to get your life back and allow the man who truly loves
find you and celebrate you.
You are meant to be loved, cherished, celebrated, honoured and valued, please don't
make yourself cheap. There is a man out there praying, yearning and desiring to meet you; read my ebook: "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate" to attract the man that will attract and cherish you forever. You will get it in your email after payment. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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