Thursday, 15 March 2018


God does not want anybody to marry late. Delay is not in God's agenda for you. It is either caused by you or you are under satanic stronghold, generational curses, covenants, soul tie, marine manipulation or spiritual spouse!
Lots of singles are wasting away waiting for God to bring their future partner while God is also waiting for them to get their certificate, look for job, pursue their vision, forgive their ex, learn how to cook, do chores and submit to a man/ love a woman! He is waiting for you to deal with your hot temper, jealousy, stealing, lust, covetousness, anger, rage, malice! These and more weaknesses destroy lives, destinies and marriages. God does not want you to get destroyed so he keeps waiting for you to work on these weaknesses.
You are the one who determines how fast you marry, not God. Yes, there is time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3). The time He planned is for you to get mature and ready for marriage. The faster you adjust, the faster you will attract your spouse. If you are stubborn, lazy or adamant, you will stay single for a long long long time!
It doesn't make sense getting married at 35 unless you really by choice wanted to. A lady can marry at 23 if she's done with her education, very responsible spiritually, socially, mentally, physiologically and emotionally mature to handle a marriage. A man can marry at 25.
Poverty and the damaged economy is keeping men at home till they grow gray hairs before they have money to go to school, spend 5 years in the school plus the NYSC and only God knows how many years more he will wait before getting a job, work for some years to gather money for accommodation etc then settle down. By the time he is preparing for wedding, he is already 42 years old! That is not God's plan for you!
When you marry early, you can have your children in your youth, with full energy to run around and train them, pursue your vision with your spouse, enjoy sex and retire at your middle age while enjoying God's blessings with the pleasure of seeing your grand children. It doesn't make sense to be hawking pap at age 70 to send your children to the university because you married late and gave birth late!
Deal with curses and covenants! If no one marries early or at all in your family. Deal with spiritual spouse and soul tie if you always have sex in the dream. Deal with marine influence if you always swim in the dream with unknown husband and children. Give your life to Jesus and proclaim your liberty in Christ.
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Fight against marital delay. It is not God's will for you. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele,

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