Wednesday, 28 March 2018


(Nancy Herberts)
"Shalewa, why do you have worry plastered on your face?I hope all is well?"

"All is not well, Remi.I am totally tired of this whole thing."

"Okay, tell me.What is this whole thing you are fed up of?"

"Just take a clear look at me.I am twenty four yet unmarried, not even engaged.I fast, pray and attend vigils more than every girl in this hostel but it seems God is blind towards my service.

Tolani got married last month,Cheryl is in a serious relationship and you would be walking down the aisle two weeks from now.

Oh,God!Where is my bo-ne of bo-ne?"

"But I am a committed child of God too.My dear, this isn't a problem from God."

"Exactly, that's my point.Why is mine different?

"You're not getting something right."

"You mean I haven't been praying well enough?I should fast and pray more?

I am even planning to go on an eighty day dry fast so that God can take me serious. If husbands could be bought,I would have gotten mine a long time ago."

"That's ridiculous!.Look, the problem is from you.

"How?Could I be possessed?Should I go for a deliverance session?"

"Not that, you have failed to apply the right measures .God has given the earth to man to dominate and this can only be achieved through principles.As a single, who dreams of getting married but all you do is pray down heaven, then you're half -baked and not full.God is waiting for you to become full?

"What sort of principles?"

"Principles are universal rules or laws applied for the solution of problems.In life, these principles must be used to achieve certain goals.It is good to fast and pray but life doesn't really care about that.If you don't work, you won't eat."

"This means there are principles to be applied while waiting for your better-half?"

"Yes.God wants you to always depend on Him for everything but that doesn't mean you should fold your arms.He doesn't just uses those who are prepared spiritually but in other aspects.He desires that you gather wisdom at a good equation"
"Chai, no wonder I've been praying yet no response.God didn't even give me a small si---gn."

"Remember, the other day I told you to join me in cooking "ukwa"(breadfruit)?"

"I do.What about it?"

"You refused claiming that it's not part of your local food. Now, what if it turns out to be your husband favourite meal?"

"The God I serve will change his mind because He knows His daughter is incapable of preparing it."

"Then, you're not ready for marriage.Twenty-four hour, seven day a week prayer will not bring a husband.I mean, faith without works is dead"

"So, what will?"

"Good question.Life is a result of vital principles.To succeed academically, there are principles, to succeed financially, there are principles, to succeed in getting a good spouse and having a blissful marriage as God desires for you, there are also principles.It is important that as you pray and wait upon the Lord, you should balance it by acquiring knowledge.

How will a man recognize you when you're not in the right place at the right time?

This is where attending seminars and summits, reading good books, having good mentors, learning some good skills amongst others come in.

Get busy with your life and when God sees your level of preparation, he would bring the man your way.Play your role and the Lord will increase you."

"And what if I do all these but He doesn't come?"
"God never fails.This is the point where your faith should become deeper like Abraham who never staggered at the promises of God and he was made the father of nations."

"Wow,I was blind but now I can see."
"You can say that again"
"I'm definitely going to do as you have said."

"Sometimes,I wish I would remain single a little more and that's I enjoyed every bit of it.Getting married is a big stuff."
"Well, it's too late as you are joining the MRS gang very soon."

"It is well.You could have this book.It talks about how a young man or lady can attract his or her soul mate, and how you can be single and yet fruitful."

"Thank you very much, you're a great friend."
James 4:17: “In the same way, faith by itself if it is not accompanied my action is dead.”

By Nancy Herberts.

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