Thursday, 8 March 2018


Anytime I'm very angry at hubby, I would promise myself I won't talk to him again. Infact, I would vehemently promise myself to keep away from him for at least 3 days or a week! I would squeeze my face and glue my tongue in my mouth, no talking! No response, no gisting and he dare not come to my space!
Believe ye me brethren, after just 30 minutes, I'm already missing my husband badly, so badly, I would be the first to break the ice or quickly respond to him when he talks. Hubby would just smile at this "little girl" who likes to throw tantrum once things hits her nerve! That guy no dey quarrel! Where he got that stability of character from, I just don't understand.
The most frustrating part is wanting to cuddle and have sex! I thought I was suppose to keep off him and show him I'm an original Abeokuta girl with no tolerance for rubbish! His gentleness would not only pour ice cold water on the fire, I would end up sober wanting to cuddle and get intimate.
What keeps drawing me back to him over and over again? SOUL TIE! That is the essence of soul tie. To keep couples glued to each other and make divorce difficult. That is why divorcees keep running back to their EX even though married to someone else because their souls have been joined together with their ex through sex!
When you have sex outside marriage, you re doing yourself a great deal of harm. You are joining your soul with somebody else and leaving them becomes real war! You can't do that without getting torn! More so, there is an invisible rope always drawing you back, forcing you to communicate with them, yearning for sex and finding it difficult to get married! (Read my ebook: OVERCOMING MARITAL DELAY if you are finding it difficult breaking from your past and settling down in marriage).
Soul tie also comes from very deep emotional connection to the point of surrendering all your emotions, life, spirit and soul to your partner. It can also come from covenants and vows!
Soul tie also happens when you place your partner above anyone else including God in your life. You so depend on them, you can't make any sound decision without them so when they leave you, you become broken, battered, shattered and torn into a million pieces!
Courtship is courtship, it is not marriage so sex is just not allowed! You can't have premarital sex and not regret it. Even if you end up marrying each other, the past will always haunt in marriage!
Courtship can be broken if you both discover you are not heading the same direction but marriage is difficult to break! God so frown at it He declared, "I hate divorce!"
Premarital sex makes it difficult leaving abusive, destructive, dangerous relationships. Soul tie will keep you in bondage of a wrong partner. You will be trapped in a destructive relationship, you may find it difficult leaving and even when you do, you may not find it easy getting married to someone else! You keep disturbing them even when they are married to someone else and it is obvious you are no longer needed and wanted. May you not make a mistake that will ruin your life and destiny.
Avoid premarital sex, it is more complicated than you think.
You have nothing to lose when you keep your virginity and stay chaste till you get married. See you next time. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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