Sunday, 25 March 2018


Rejection can be devastating. I mean, there are people you love, you like, you are completely crazy for, you have that chemistry, you click with them and sense that deep connection, yet they are not responding!
You've sent all known signal in the world yet they are not getting it!
You even started a relationship with one or two but they act cold, ate your money or demand for sex then on flimsy excuse break the relationship yet age is no longer on your side. You keep loving and get nothing in return, eventually you sat down and ask, "what is wrong with me?" You recollected all the complain of all your ex and these shatter your self esteem to pieces, you begin to feel bad, useless, worthless, not good enough, unwanted, unneeded, undesirable, etc but that is not the absolute truth!
A bad relationship doesn't mean you are bad really, it's just a sign you are not made for each other. You need to relax, take a breath and learn to see things the way they are.
Not every one will like you. Not everyone will fall in love with your temperament. Not every one is crazy about a light/dark complexion man/woman. No matter how beautiful, handsome or virtuous you think you are, if you give yourself to someone who does not appreciate you, you will be treated like trash!
Despite my sharp brain, a close friend didn't find me physically appealing to.him. Despite his good looks, dress sense, body built and generosity, he just wasn't my kind of future husband. He had weaknesses that drove me crazy. I was tempted to end the friendship several times but thought otherwise. He is married to his choice woman today and I married mine.
Don't let any broken relationship/rejected love define you. You are an awesome woman, a great man. You have great virtues needed and wanted by your future spouse, don't waste it on someone who does not appreciate you. Yes, work on your weaknesses; deal with the anger, rage, malice, covetousness, abuse, lust, wastefulness, etc but don't change your core/real self because of anybody. Don't dump your vision, dream, goal, aspiration because you want to get married.
Thank God the wrong people have left your life. Pray for your own bone and flesh.
Attracting the right people who appreciate and celebrate you is a skill you must master if you want to get married on time. To attract your real flesh and bone, read my ebook, "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate." It will help a lot. You should also read my ebook "Overcoming Marital Delay" if you are constantly attracting the wrong ones or experiencing broken engagement over and over again and age is no longer on your side.
Wipe your tears, stand tall and declare: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am great, I am glorious, I am virtuous, I am a man of valour! My own husband/wife shall not miss me. We shall locate each other soon and get married gloriously in Jesus' name." You will not mischoose, you will not enter the wrong marriage, you will not pick somebody else's bone and flesh in Jesus' name. Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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