Monday, 12 March 2018


For lazy Christians who like to depend on men of God to determine who their future partner is, be careful lest you mischoose. 90% of marriages endorsed by Prophets, Prophetesses, Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, etc don't work. You read that right, 90%!
The simple reason is because the spiritual laziness that will not make these singles hear God is the same laziness that will make them not work on their marriage.
They believe once it is God's will spoken or signed by a prophet, all they need to do is a big wedding then go to sleep. God will do the loving, the submission, the sex, the taking care of the family. He will also do the cooking, laundry and go to the market to buy the vegetable for soup!
Closing your eyes and seeing a vision is not enough for any man of God to conclude someone is your life partner. I can't count the number of marriages shattered by this folly! Before approving a person for you, he should pray, WATCH that person closely, conduct series of counsel, make enquiries about that person, check the word to see if his lifestyle agrees with the word and compatible with yours. Ask you questions to know if you are personally convinced. You are the one to hear God, his job is to confirm not tell you what to do.
Some men of God today don't have time. They don't pray, they just do abracadabra and say some thing off their head. If you are in the habit of living your life based on what someone says without listening to God yourself, you are in soup! The Bible says, "Test ALL spirits." God asks you to use your God given common sense to check whether your prophet is speaking from God or the devil!
Sometimes, genuine men of God make mistakes. They may hear from their flesh or the devil and think they are hearing from God!
I once took my partner's name to a Prophet who asked for my age and his age, based on the difference he said it is not God's will. No further explanation. He was busy, he had more important people to attend to.
Another prophet asked for my state of of origin and his own, he said also asked me to bring his photograph. He looked at it and said it was God's will. No more no less.
A Pastor wanted to separate us based on genotype and probably suggest someone else, I'm wiser, I stuck to my guns!
Thank God I quickly retraced my steps. God had spoken all along and deep down I knew he is the one but I wanted to be doubly sure thereby checking up on Prophets. I slammed the door against false prophecies, sat down with God, sharpened my relationship with Him, armed myself with knowledge on understanding God and His will and settled down with my partner. It's been bliss ever since.
If you must pick the right partner you must have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and have a constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. "For as many as are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God..." If you are not a son/ daughter, he can't lead you, it's as simple as that. Be a son today and start hearing from Him then you will not pick the wrong person.

© Seun Oladele

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