Tuesday, 13 March 2018


One sure sign your relationship is sick is having nothing to talk about whenever you are with your partner. If you must always have sex to feel close to your partner, you need to end the relationship fast and get your bearing!
Marriage is more than sex! A successful marriage is about friendship. You are not going to spend the rest of your life rolling in sheets unless you have very serious spiritual problems.
Successful people have more to think about than concorting sexual images and looking for who to dump their passion on! You marry to fulfil destiny and your partner is to help you attain your highest dream. Most people are pathetic failures because they have nothing else in their head except grope, masturbate and roll in the dark!
Marry your best friend! Someone who believes in you and is ready to do all in their capacity to help you be all you wanna be. Marry someone who believes in you. Marry someone you enjoy talking to. Marry someone you can freely be yourself around. Marry someone who needs you, values you, respects you and adores you. Marry someone who sees beyond sex anytime you are together.
Marry someone you can reveal your fears, weaknesses, flaws and pains to without feeling akward or ashame -marry your best friend. If you cannot feel close unless you have sex, you have prepared yourself for divorce! You sooner or later discover in marriage that your sex life has gone stale and you need real intimacy -the communication, the acceptance, the sharing of your deepest feelings, dreams and goals to really feel loved and cherished. Pre-marital sex kills your chance of having a great mareiage.
I'm married to the greatest husband in the world. My husband is the deepest, most intimate friend I have. We talk about everything under heaven and understand each other so much. Someone once asked him whether his wife goes out he said NO. Goes out as in visit friends and all the likes, he shook his head. Whenever I'm through with the day's business, I spend my time in the company of my best friend, my husband. She further queried out of surprise, "doesn't she get bored?" He smiled heartily and still said NO. When he related the conversation with me, I laughed. Bored? 24 hours is not enough! We talk so much we pray for more hours to fill the day! Life with hubby is so exciting! Waking up and seeing him makes me come alive, full of confidence, happiness, peace and the readiness to tackle the day's challenge!
When people find it difficult communicating their deepest feelings to their spouse, it sounds abnormal to me. I'm not used to that. I don't know how to hide anything from my husband and same for him. We are always, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, psychologically, physically and financially naked and not ashamed.
Prepare for a life time of bliss with your spouse. Marry your best friend, Marry your soul mate, it makes marriage so exciting, blissful, peaceful, rapturous and sweet. You will not miss it in marriage in Jesus name. 

© Seun Oladele

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