Thursday, 8 March 2018


Some ladies have been asking me what to do when they have "toilet infection" and they are given suppositories (vagina tablets) to insert in their vagina, won't it tear the hymen then, just like that, the proof of their virginity is gone forever?
Since there is a high chance of going too deep and breaking the hymen in the process, I usually advice against it. It's better you take oral tablets and vagina cream than suppositories! Avoiding this infection altogether is the best.
Vagina itching, smelling vagina discharge, burning sensation while urinating among others are sometimes the result of unprotected illicit sex, the doctor who may think you are already sexually active and may prescribe vagina tablets to be inserted for quick recovery.
However, sex with an infected person alone does not cause vagina infection. Carelessness, dirt and poor hygiene are also major causes of vagina infection so you can be holier than Holy Mary, mother of Jesus and still get down with chronic vagina infection.
If you are experiencing serious itching, redness of the vulva, labia manora and smelling, yellowish or discoloured vagina discharge, burning sensation while urinating which can also be a symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI), you need to see your Doctor. If he prescribes vagina tablets, let him know you are not sexually active and therefore needs a close alternative preferably, oral tablets and vagina cream.
You will do well to stay off such infection as the acute, prolonged one without adequate treatment can lead to infertility. Not all bareness are caused by witches in the village, abortions or low sperm count, carelessness also contributes!
Always keep your vagina clean. Use clean water when rinsing. Avoid perfumed soap, lotion, sprays and perfume on your vagina (what in the name of God do you need that for? For guys to smell?) Wear clean pants for God's sake! A grown lady praying for a husband morning, noon and night ought to be changing her pants at least once daily! Changing twice daily is better! Avoid wearing wet pants! Kill your covetousness and stop borrowing or stealing your friends' pants/under wears! Ensure the toilet is flushed before urinating or defecating! Avoid urinating in the bathroom on the floor. If it had been previously used by an infected person and you urinate on the floor, it can splash back to your vagina leading to infection.
Use clean menstrual pads for menstruation and change regularly, at least, twice daily. Shave off bushy hair off your vag and let cool hair blow on it. Always rinse your pants well after washing and let it dry properly before wearing. Stop masturbating and fingering your vagina, it will lead to infections. No sane lady should allow any guy put his finger near her vagina, for what? What's the meaning of that nonsense?
I hope this article helps. Keep your vagina clean at all times and stay healthy, you will be glad you did and your vagina will forever be grateful to you. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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