Thursday, 15 March 2018


Men have secrets and they keep them very tightly to their chest. A woman almost ran mad during her husband's burial when another woman showed up with his son she never knew from Adam. They had a blissful marriage and she never suspected her husband was having an affair.
I'm not just talking about affairs. I'm also talking giving out money without your consent or extending secret hands to his family members. He can also have secret bank accounts, businesses and projects.
No marriage can survive on secrets. However, a wife's attitude determines how much of himself her husband will reveal to her. If you want your husband to open all his heart to you, you must be mature, faithful, loyal, dependable and trustworthy.
There are some women who have no secrets. Their friends know everything about their husbands including how many times they have sex per week. Learn to keep your husband's secrets secret.
Avoid jealousy like plague. Your husband will never tell you he's getting attracted to a lady if you are manic jealous and insecure. You may ask, why should he be attracted to her in the first place? 
Because you no longer do the things that attracted him to you so he's plain bored! He complained several times about it but you keep giving excuses so he gave up and fell in love with someone else. 
This may sound hard, but it's the truth. You can't keep a man glued to you by being boring, unromantic and frigid. So, if you are the secured woman who is loving and understanding, you can ask him why he is being attracted, he will tell you and when you make the necessary the adjustments, he will forget the other woman exists. It's as simple as that.
Give him free hand. Let him give whenever he wants to, after all it's his money. Never tell your husband not to give, you can rather wisely explain the pressing need at home and advise him to cut down on the amount he wanted to give to people.
Don’ t waste his money, if you do, he will not tell you how much he has in his accounts lest you make unnecessary demand on him.
Encourage his business ideas though you do not agree with them. If you object, he might go ahead with it in secret not minding whether he fails or not. Men love to take risks. Go on your knees and ask God to touch his heart instead of standing in his way.
Do not judge, criticize, abuse, make fun of and threaten him anytime he shares a secret, weakness, failure or temptation with you. Men love correction but not condemnation. If you attack him and make him feel like a criminal, he will never ever open up to you again, never.
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May the good Lord grant us the wisdom to run our marriages in Jesus' name. Feel free to share. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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