Sunday, 25 March 2018


Sex in marriage should be thrilling, that is the way God designed it. You should enjoy and be eager to have sex in marriage. You should be crazy about your spouse, love to cuddle and have sex with them, that is what God wants for you in marriage but it is alarming, shocking and disappointing that most marriages do not have an active sex life. The sex is boring, tasteless, frustrating and painful!
A successful sex life takes God! I don't know how people take God out of their marriages and want to have sex! You need a high emotional intimacy to bond and have sex with your spouse. You only want to be intimate with someone who makes you feel good and genuinely cares for you. It is only Christ that helps us to love, so the more of God you have, the more crazy you go for your spouse! A good marriage boils down to God! Being spiritual jerks up your hormones and makes you pants for your spouse! I'm not talking religion, I'm talking the Bible, I'm talking marriage, I'm talking reality! When Adam saw Eve, he exclaimed! Isaac's hand always roam all over Rebecca his wife! He had God's hands on his life and his own hands was always doing wonders on his wife! We should quit all these religious jargons and face reality before we lose all our marriages!
Sexual enjoyment goes beyond sex style and foreplay. Real enjoyment in sex comes from deep emotional and spiritual intimacy. It creates this high chemistry that makes you long for, yearn for and desire your spouse. You want to cuddle, romance and have sex all the time, that's what I'm talking about.
Adultery is on the increase because many marriages are dead! The sex life is nothing but disaster and the smile we see these couple display are fake! There is fire under their roof! They hate and despise each other so much, sex is the last thing they want to have with their spouse.
The devil hates marriages and he hates sex, read that again, THE DEVIL HATES SEX! That's why he perverts it! Great things happen when you have sex! There is a fusion of spirit and soul, you go from 1000 powerful to 10,000 powerful! You join forces and creates nations destined to pull him down! Out of the abundance of his hatred, he perverted the real meaning and goal of sex, possess people, make them have sex and produce children strongly demonized to pull down the church and populate hell!
You are under sexual attack if you hate sex! Your marriage needs serious deliverance if you are tired of sex! Something is seriously wrong with you if you don't like sex, avoids it and use all manner of scriptures to back it up!
I pity so many naive wives who deny their husbands sex for months on end. Smile when their husbands say he's okay with it only to break down at the rude shock of his affair! Don't wait till your husband starts pursuing Suzie before you take your bedroom seriously! When a man starts having sex with someone outside his marriage, it takes the special grace of God and lots of sweat to get him to stop, it's better he doesn't start in the first place. He acts as if possessed and gets addicted to it. He starts moving from one lady to another, experimenting and having sex like crazy! May the supernatural power of God deliver such men in Jesus' name!
Go back to God and get things right with Him! Pray about your sex life, prayer sure works like fire! I dedicated 3 days to pray about my sex life and the result was astonishing, amazing and flabbergasting! I don't say NO to my husband. I'm always ready and eager any day, any time, anyhow he wants and enjoy every single moment of it. It sounds crazy considering my very busy schedules but I can't boast of the energy as my own, the Lord gave it to me. I simply enjoy having sex with my husband. I always look forward to it.
Pray for your wife brother! My husband is my number one intercessor! He prays for me a lot. She may be under the devil's attack if she is not responding! Pray for your husband sister! The devil may be playing with his mind if he finds you physically unappealing despite your good looks and men are dying for you outside. It is the plot of the devil to push both of you into adultery.
Endeavor to stay close, pray for each other and pray together on daily basis. Marry your soul mate, your best friend and your sexual experience in marriage will be heaven on earth, orgasm without stress. Get my ebook: HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE if you are searching for a life partner and wants the best for you. You won't miss it in marriage in Jesus' name.
NOTE: Sex is strictly for the married. If you are single and you practice it, you do it at your own peril. Wait till you get married. Sex is worth waiting for. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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