Friday, 9 March 2018


Your heart is too precious to be broken, test your partner before they damage you. Don't be quick to make or accept marriage proposal. Some ladies' self esteem are so low, they will accept marriage proposal from anything in the name of wearing a wedding ring! Some are so naive, they will trust the devil with their very lives as long as he appears in suit, tie and brief case. Test your partner before you marry them!
Test them with money. Are they greedy? If you give her 5k, will she finish it in 2 days and demand for more? Test her with personal information, is she a gossip? Test her with your friend or brother, is she a shameless flirt?
Test him with your money! Ask him to help you withdraw money with your ATM card (ensure the bank balance is very low, something you won't feel if everything disappears), if he takes more than you ask for whatever reason under heaven, he lacks integrity, dump him! Test him with your sister or friend. Can you leave the two of them alone for two hours without worrying your head they are making out? If you are scared he's gonna hit your sister for sex, end the damn relationship with the potential adulterer!
Some naive singles think trust is automatic! Once you are in love with a tongue speaking, Holy Ghost anointed brother, you are on your road to marital bliss. You need serious deliverance from that stupid orientation. Satanic brothers in church now commit more atrocities than Marijuana smoking guys in clubs! Open your two eyes, your brain and God given common sense to find out everything about that brother before you put yourself in eternal bondage!
I test people before I commit my heart to them. I learnt that from God. He tested Abraham before giving him Isaac. Joseph was tested with his boss' wife before God gave him power over a nation! Jesus was tested 3 times before he went to the cross. I serve a super smart God who doesn't waste his resources, he won't commit anything valuable in your hands until he has tested you in and out, out and in. Your heart is so precious and valuable, don't give it to just anybody!
I asked my guy all manner of questions before I settled it in my heart to marry him! I had tested him with personal secrets, money, information, friends, siblings, family and what have you. I showed him my very worst side expecting him to run away, he stayed put! As a single lady living in my own apartment, I suggested he sleep over because it was late (that was around 11pm), he bluntly refused! When I visited him in his 2 bedroom flat, he would never suggest I sleep over though it was so lonely living in that kind of apartment. I suggested helping him do chores, he told me I wasn't slave and he did his things by himself.
We had every opportunity to have sex anyhow, anywhere and as much as we desired in courtship but he NEVER asked once! He never once naked himself in coutship neither did he ask me to do same. His passionate hatred for pre-marital sex was so strong -no amount of temptation could break it! We courted for 5 solid years! I trust my husband with all my breathe! He has passed his tests in courtship!
A WORD OF CAUTION! Never test a man with sex especially if you are not strong to resist sexual temptation yourself. Neither should you ask your friend or siblings to seduce them in the name of testing! Very few guys these days can resist sexual temptation.
Don't wear a seductive lingerie hoping he would not descend on you. Keep that out. Cover your body every time he visits and ask him questions instead. You can ask if he believes in pre-marital sex, kissing, necking, petting, romancing, etc, that is safer! If he believes it would do no harm to roll in sheets once in a while, end the God forsaken relationship! I don't know why some men can't be in a relationship without asking the lady for sex. Is your head so empty there is nothing else you put there except sex? I have no single respect for men like that!
All in all, pray and ask God for His will. No matter all the test you do if the guy/lady is not your true bone and flesh, your marriage will not work!
Submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit, let him guide you. Avoid pre-marital sex at all cost in your relationship and never entertain sin no matter how appealing it looks.
You will not mischoose in Jesus name. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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