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Wrong relationships can ruin you. You can't afford to pick the wrong spouse. If it is not God's will and you end up marrying them, you are doomed! Marrying the wrong person is as serious as that.
What most singles call God's will today is nothing but excercise in foolishness, ignorance, spiritual apathy and the stubborness to marry someone everyone knows is not good for them. Once some singles are hell bent on marrying the wrong spouse, they announce he/she is God's will for them meaning "Don't object, this is the person I want to marry."
Others genuinely want to marry God's will but do not know how to hear God or recognize His voice when choosing whom to marry. Will they hear thunder from heaven? Should they see a prophet? Would it be through dream, vision or a trance? Would it be the still small voice? How can you know the person you want to marry is God's will for you?
1. PEACE OF MIND: The acid test of God's will is peace. Peace of mind and heart in the relationship. You also have joy and a convincing assurance deep down in your heart that they are meant for you. You are fully convinced and no amount of opposition can deter you. If you lack peace and inner joy in your relationship, it is not God's will.
2. YOU ARE BOTH COMPATIBLE: Amos 3:3 says, "can two walk together except they agree?" If you do not see eye to eye spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and finacially, it is not God's will. You may not totally agree in all these areas but the agreement should far outweigh the disagreement, argument, fight and conflict.
3: YOU HAVE POSITIVE DREAMS ABOUT THE PERSON: If you are a person who dreams, your dream about this person will be positive and give you peace. When considering marrying a Pastor, I dreamt about standing by the road waiting to board a bus, the bus conductor yelled at me, "don't travel with this man." He eventually had a dream where I waved him goodbye. I was suddenly transformed, wearing white and looking glorious. My glory would never manifest if I married him. While praying about another friend's proposal, I saw both of us in a black exotic car with my late mother standing by and frowning at us. Everywhere around us was black. I had no peace about the relationship so I let it go. When my husband came, there was peace, there was joy, there was compatibility and all my dreams about him were positive and filled with peace. People who visit us 12 years after knowing him says my home is filled with peace -they just can feel it. It started from courtship.
4:POSITIVE VISION: The devil uses this a lot so I don't usually recommend it as the only way to prove God's will. Other criteria must be met. If God has not been speaking to you through vision, he won't suddenly do so now that you want to marry.
5: PEOPLE APPROVAL: Those who are close to you, who genuinely care about you and are godly will approve your choice. The approval will far outweigh disapproval. God speaks through the multitude of counsellors " the multitude of counsellors there is safety." If everyone around you do not approve your choice of a partner including your parents, siblings, close relatives, fathers and mothers in the Lord and mentors, something is wrong.
6: AUDIBLE VOICE: The devil also speak through the audible voice so be careful. If you hear it clearly that they are the one and you have peace and joy, you are on the right track.
Know this: God will always speak to you thesame way he had always spoken to you. If you are not used to hearing God, you will have a hard time locating His will for marriage.
Before you look for a life partner, settle your relationship with God. Learn to pray, study and obey His word. Little by little, as you show obedience, He will lead and guide you to the next phase of your life.
All the avenues of hearing God can be counterfeited by the devil. Countless people have picked spouses they thought was God's will but was Satan's trap! There is one sure avenue satan can not counterfeit, PEACE. Inner peace not affected by circumstances and oppositions. Satan can't give you peace. So if you lack peace, joy and deep seated assurance from the depth of your heart that that person is yours, it is not God's will.
The bottom line is this: have a deep relationship with the Father. Not a quickie relationship because you want to marry. He says "my sheep hears my voice...." you can't hear him if he is not your shepherd.
Obey Him on daily basis and learn to follow His instructions, leading and guidance. With time, you get used to how He speaks to you and you will find it easy to pick the right spouse for you. Don't forget to get your ebook: "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate." It will help you connect with the man/woman of your dreams and your life will never remain the same again.

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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