Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Your sexual desire must be controlled before marriage. If you do not deal with your sexual desire, you will explore it and here are the consequences you will face:

1. Guilt. Nothing creates guilt more than dirty thoughts, masturbation, petting, kissing and all forms of romancing and the king of them all, pre-marital sex.

2. Low self esteem: premarital sex is a number one self esteem killers.

3. Addiction to porn, masturbation and sex which in turn makes you a public property: you sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street.

4. Shame.

5. Fear: fear of being caught, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, rejection, etc.

5. Demonic possession.

6. Transference of spirits from the people you slept with to you.

7. Soul tie.

8. Spiritual spouse.

9. Mental dullness.

10. Low intelligence/poor academic performance.

11. HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea and other STDs.

12. Unwanted pregnancy.

13. Forced marriage as a result of unwanted pregnancy.

14. Backwardness in life.

15. Spiritual weakness.

16. Spiritual death.

You will not fall into sexual sins in Jesus' name. If you are already addicted, the power of the Lord will deliver you in full force in Jesus' name! Those of you crying secretly over your sins, receive the power to break free right now, in the mighty name of Jesus!

© Seun Oladele.

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