Thursday, 8 March 2018


Greatness has less to do with how you look and more on how your brain functions so stop disturbing yourself over what you can't change and develop your brain till it shoots you to stardom, I mean you become an international super star! Your brain needs more attention than your body!
There is somebody praying for your stature as well, please, stop disturbing your life over your natural body size. Lots of ladies/guys are under-achieving because they focus too much on their body rather than their future!
Learn to accept yourself the way you are and people will celebrate you. If you can add more flesh do so, if you can slim down, please, reduce the junk food, exercise and drop the fat but if it is hereditary, you've tried everything you can do to increase or reduce your size and nothing is happening, please, don't kill yourself. What you despise today may be highly needed and celebrated tomorrow.
I had an extremely flat stomach as a single lady and I hated it! I wanted to have a round stomach. I was very slim and I wished I was on the big side. I drank milk daily, slept well, did everything I could to add flesh but nothing happened till I gave birth to my first son and oh mine! I added really fast! My cheeks were out, my stomach started bulging, my legs were becoming heavy and to walk was a big problem. Concerned friends and family members started warning me to do something. My clothes were becoming tight and I went for over size. I didn't feel pretty at all. Then reminiscing, I remembered when I was single and slim, I desperately wished I could get my flat stomach back.
Slimming down to shape wasn't easy. I had to cut out fat and cholesterol on my diet, reduced taking some drugs and exercised a lot to come down to pre-pregnancy size and shape. What I despised then became very much needed after marriage. After my second baby, I blew up up again. My loving sisters-in-law began pointing my attention to my bulging stomach and big size, again, I did lots of hard work to bring it down.
Looking good and keeping to shape is hard work. Exercise, discipline, self control and persistence is involved. Some people are naturally big, the plus size came with them from heaven and that is understandable but some acquired the fat through indiscipline, over eating, over sleeping and lack of exercise, do something about it.
This post is not just for ladies. It's for guys as well. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate your looks and size. Be neat, be well groomed, well dressed and eat healthy food. Cut out junks and eat fruits a lot.
Not every man wants a figure 8 woman so stop worrying yourself if you don't have a figure 8. Not every lady wants a muscular man, stop disturbing yourself if you don't have a six pack body.
Personally, muscles don't turn my head at all. Slim, tall, flat tummy with a very sharp brain and sound spoken English was the first attraction. Not all ladies want slim men, some want muscles, some want lots of hair, some want him big, some fat, etc. 

Above all let God guide you, God's will is the ultimate. Don't choose a spouse without getting God's stamp of approval. 

© Seun Oladele

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