Monday, 26 March 2018


We all have to wait in one area or the other, waiting for a result, a marriage partner, conception, delivery meal.

The list is endless, though waiting may seem more difficult in some cases than others, waiting is part of life.

Waiting is easier when there is time to it, when you know how long you have to wait like in delivery during pregnancy, but when you do not know the time frame and it's something you are in dare need of, its even more difficult.
I pray for ease and grace and a positive outcome in good time in all our areas of waiting in Jesus name.
What we do while we wait is of great importance.Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that give the right pace and help us maximise time while we wait, its a great Wisdom, and even when it takes longer than we expect, we have peace and then joy in the end.
Ten virgins all waiting, five wise ones with extra oil and the other five foolish with just enough oil for the now.
Your time of waiting provides extra time for extra oil.While you wait in a way you are less occupied, at least in the area of your waiting, waiting is a space of time in our mind and life, it gets filled when the waiting is over, and it's wisdom to fill that time positively, even when the extra doesn't seem needed in the now.
Don't take a little of what you need, get more, learn more, count the cost and pay the cost in good time so that you won't wait in vain, occupy profitably while you wait, dont get too little of life's important ingredients so that you won't run out when it matters most.
The light won't light up for long when all your oil is just enough for now.Its wisdom to take extra, extra love, extra joy, extra peace, extra patience, extra goodness, extra kindness...self-control.
These things can run out with time and put the light off before our eyes, yet we can't achieve nor fulfill purpose without light, then it will be great foolishness to have just enough for the now or go for more oil when the waiting is over, you may not recover.
The little love you have may not be sufficient in the face of hurt, will that joy take you through in the time of temptation, will your peace take you through the stormy times, will that patient be sufficient when you have to wait long enough for your testimony, will.your kindness run out when it is not deserved...can you control yourself long enough in the face of Temptation and anger???

Marriages will crash without this wisdom, careers will fail, ministries will crumble.

Wait Wisely ,prepare! 

© Wunmi Johnson

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