Tuesday, 6 March 2018


On my way out today, I saw a woman with very long artificial eyelashes on alighting from the same tricycle we boarded. She had no make up except the super long eyelashes and I wondered why in the name of God she fixed them. She was so beautiful without any make up. Her natural face, nose bridge and lips spoke for themselves, why the fake eye lashes?
I thought she had a poor body shape hence making up with the face but when she alighted, I was amazed to discover she had a hour glass shape (figure 8). Fully loaded at the front, extra ordinarily loaded at the back with very small waist that enhanced her natural endowment, so what is the problem? LOW SELF ESTEEM!
Beauty is a thing of the mind not how you look. If you look like Barbie doll or Kim Kardashian but honestly believe you are ugly, no amount of make up, eyelashes, weave on, body revealing clothes will convince you!
The root cause of this inadequacy is low self esteem caused by emotional, verbal, sexual and other forms of abuse!
If you move with people who see nothing good in you except abuse, criticize and judge you, you will end up hating yourself. Avoid this set of people at all cost.
Past broken relationships can also leave you hurting and unwanted. When the guy leaves you for another lady, you begin to wander, "is she prettier than me?" You feel if you are pretty enough he won't dump you for the lady so you keep comparing yourself with her and always fall short.
It's not about your body, its about the heart, character, vision among others. Both of you have no business together in future; you are both not compatible, he doesn't like your character so it's not really because of your body.
That doesn't mean you are a bad person, you just don't fit into each other's future and if he dumps you because of your body size and shape then he is too immature to be your husband or he is simply not made for you. A great marriage is far more than breast shape, body size and stature.
Lack of contentment will make you fall short of your unrealistic expectations. If you always feel your breasts are too small, your back is too flat, your nose is too wide, you will end up frustrated, depressed and even suicidal. You are the best of your version. Stop comparing yourself with anybody, accept yourself the way you are.
When you feel good about yourself, quality men who love you for who you are not just your body will be drawn to you and the best among them will end up marrying you. Real men want to marry confident women who are comfortable in their own skin. Stop comparing yourself with anybody.
I am a beautiful woman, I know I am beautiful. Only a blind person will say otherwise. I am so proud of my body and hubby is proud of it as well. When you love your body, your spouse will appreciate it in marriage too.
Don't live your life trying to please everybody, (I'm not saying you should or should not wear make up. Do what is okay with you but) you can't please everybody! Live your life, appreciate what you have! Be contented and never compare yourself with anyone. You are the best of your kind any where in the world. Love you big. God bless you.


© Seun Oladele

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