Friday, 20 April 2018

Buhari's Statement to the Nigerian Youths.

If President of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari's statement of "a lots of Nigerian Youths being lazy" are anything to go by;  I'd like to share some facts about us before I say anything:

The following are images outsourced from Spy Nigeria's Facebook page:

(Image 1)
Image 1:

I wonder the meaning of laziness in Buhari's dictionary! Here is a typical Nigerian youth working his ass out for stipend at a cement factory somewhere in Nigeria while majority of children of our so called leaders are depending on public funds to foster for their education overseas, overseas health care, luxury accommodation, luxury cars and life styles.

Image 2:

Does the person in Image 2 look like a lazy youth. I wonder what Mr. President was thinking before we made such cruel statement about majority of Nigerian youth home and away that are trying to make ends meet everywhere they go?

( Image 2) 
Image 3: 

Does those youths seen in image 3 look like idle youths who just sit around and do absolutely nothing or the ones that are trying to grow our economy through thick and thin?

I wonder what kinds of works children of our leaders do and how they manage to flaunt those luxury lifestyles and afford foreign trips!

Many of these youths don't even parents, guardians or know where their family members are yet they put their nose to the grindstone to be a better person.
(Image 3)

These Nigerians youths are the ones responsible for APC's new leadership role in Nigeria and our president has the gut to ridicule like that!

Now, we now see what APC's CHANGE stands for and what it can do for us.

Mind you, we will use the same CHANGE that brought about APC leadership in Nigeria to kick them out in 2019 may be then these people who realize that the Nigerian youths are not lazy and no sit arounds!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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