Thursday, 5 April 2018


Please, don't waste your time with that guy if you do not respect him for God's sake! You must respect your man in marriage. If you find it difficult trusting, admiring, honouring, respecting and looking up to him, especially looking up to him in courtship, your marriage will hit the rocks, it is the pure truth.
God commands you as a wife to submit to your OWN husband. This is where most single ladies encounter trouble. There is a man who is your own husband -your real bone and flesh. If you pick another lady's husband, someone who is not meant for you -you will find it difficult submitting to him, that is the problem we have with millions of marriages all over the world.
People are mis-matching; picking someone's bone and having trouble submitting! Same with men who couldn't love their wives! They just do not have the capacity -she was not meant for them in the first place!
Don't marry him if you hate him. Don't marry him if you despise him! Don't marry him if his words irritates you. Don't marry him if you can't respect him in public! Don't marry him if you can't take his advice. Don't marry him if you do not believe in his vision. Don't marry him if you hate the way he looks. It is not God's will for you to end up with someone you hate. Don't! Don't!! Don't!!!
Some people think God's will is someone you hate but have no choice than to accept. That is a big lie from the pit if hell! God won't give you anyone you hate.
Adam didn't hate Eve the moment he saw her. Infact, he exclaimed in utter amazement. Sarah certainly didn't hate Abraham neither did Rebecca hate Isaac. Same with Jacob who fell madly in love with Rachael the moment he saw her. Admiration stems from love. If you do not admire them, it is not God's will.
One man woke up in the dead of the night, looked at his wife with pure, cold hatred in his eyes and said, "If not because you are God's will for me, I wouldn't have married you!" That is arrant nonsense! God certainly didn't give her that woman, he picked her himself.
I don't force myself to admire my husband, it's natural. It springs from the bottom of my belly. He is a man of wisdom per excellence. His words always ring in my ears. My husband's words are filled with wisdom. Filled with the word of God and rich in Yoruba proverbs. He most time speaks to me using proverbs. I so much love listening to him and learning from him. He made me the woman I am today. I am the express expression of God's grace on his life. I love him, I admire him, I love to obey and submit to him!
Marriage is not by force. God won't force someone you don't like on you. He won't push a man you despise on your head. He would not command you with thunder in His voice and fire in His eyes to marry a man who gives you heartache and pain. If you can't respect him, please, loose him and let him go. God will give you your own bone and flesh in due time. God bless you.

© Seun Oladele

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