Monday, 9 April 2018


Some men are not looking for wives, they are looking for slaves! They are looking for an diot who will go to work, give them all the money they earned, do all the house chores, take care of all the children. Wash all the clothes, sweep all the apartment, do all the cooking, while the man pratically does nothing except sit infront of T.V and watch football!
You are not a slave woman! Don't marry a man who sees nothing good in you except slave to death! Don't marry a woman you do not value except have sex with you, have children and take care of the home, marriage is more than that!
A woman should take care of the home but that is not her primary responsiblity. Her primary responsibility is to help you achieve your dreams and goals in life. She is a helper! She is in your life to help not carry your load for you. Many young men today are lazy! They are irresponsible bunch of graduates looking for a poor lady to dump all their problems on.
Learn to be responsible before looking for whom to marry. Be responsible. Show that you are a man! Get your own apartment, do your chores, cook your food, etc, she is just coming in to help, that is what the Bible says. After she marries you and takes the responsibility of running the home, you should help out when she is tired and fatigued. I don't know why some low thinking men want their wives to work, help them pay bills yet will not assist her with chores in the home. I will advise sisters not to marry lazy brothers who don't know how to do anything.
The bulk of the blame goes to the mothers who excuse their sons from home training. They think because they are boys they do not need to learn cooking, washing and cleaning. Children like that grow up to be irresponsible husbands.
I train my son to do chores. He's been sweeping our apartment since he was 3 and will soon start washing plates at his level. He will also wash his simple wears and I will ensure they are clean. I don't want slobs as husbands for my daughters-in-law.
My mother- in-law trained my husband well. He is an excellent husband and father who keeps me looking young by eliminating stress out of my life. He assists every where possible and ensures I'm looking young, pretty and fit. Had he dumped all his load on me, I should be looking like grandma Moses right now. I wouldn't even have enough mental strength to type and post life changing articles.
Women are not slaves. They are your help meet and wives. Treat them with respect and they will ensure you attain greatness in life. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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