Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Some confessions are not easy but if you must keep your sanity in the relationship, know where you are heading and have peace of mind, you must tell your partner the truth they need to know about you as soon as possible so they can make up their mind either to stay or quit the relationship but trust me, if they are God's will for you, they will never leave you. Your confession will arouse their sympathy rather than irritation. That is why you should be sure you are courting your own partner made from heaven!
If you have a small penis, and you are so scared it will ruin your marriage, let her know now, especially of she had been sexually active in the past! I didn't say show her, I said TELL HER. If you have very small breasts but you wear padded bra making you appear fuller and bigger than you really are and you are scared it will affect your marriage, tell him now. If you have issues with body odour, mouth odour, etc that defy medication though you always smell good around them due to the heavy perfume you always use, tell them now so somebody won't die of shock after marriage!
If you don't know how to cook well but eager to learn, tell him ooo, so he won't be shocked when you prepare amala with heavy lumps and ewedu that refuse to draw! If you have embarrassing scar, deformed penis/vagina, one breast due to surgery, female circumcision, tell them!
You have a child in your past, you were once married and separated/divorced, you once went to jail, you were once in secret cult, you were once a stripper/prostitute, you used to be fetish, possessed but now delivered, please, let them know.
There is no secret in life! One way or the other, they will get to know after marriage and that can lead to serious crises! If you don't want to end up divorced after marriage, talk now. That is what courtship is about. Tell them every thing they need to know before they marry you so they won't be shocked after marriage!
I've once shared that I had a sore toe for several years before I met hubby. It defied all known medication. He always see it and perceived the odour anyway but would not complain. I still had to sit him down and explain things to him. He was not bothered at all. He did everything in his power to ensure I got healed. With his encouragement, I went for surgery and got permanently healed! I've been going about with a beautiful, clean toe ever since.
The essence of courtship/ marriage is to help you become a better person. If they are not ready to pay the price or make the sacrifice to help you get out of the embarrassing situation, please, let them go. Your own spouse who will accept you the way you are and help you become better will surely come. Until the wrong ones leave your life, the right one won't come so if they want to go, please let them go. They are making life easy for you. Abi? If they don't leave how will the right ones come? Never beg anyone to stay in a relationship with you when they want to leave!
There is nothing as sweet as marrying your own spouse from heaven who will accept you perfectly the way you are. I married my soul mate and it has been bliss every single day of my married life. If I have to choose again, I will pick Dewunmi over and over again. He is so sweet and too good to me. I love him with all my breathe!
Don't forget the message of this post. Let your partner know the things they need to know about you before you head the altar. The earlier, the better. If they are yours, they will stay, if not, they will go and if they go, the right one will come. You won't miss it in marriage in Jesus' name. God bless you cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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