Tuesday, 3 April 2018


You can be a Virgin Till Marriage but sexual purity is for life! I still pray for sexual purity daily as a married woman. Sexual temptation does not end the day you start wearing wedding ring. It begins full force.
Now, that you have tasted sex and see how sweet it is, you want more. If you are not disciplined in mind and heart, you either commit adultery when your spouse is not available or masturbate, watch porn, fantasize and do mental adultery!
There are married people who married as virgins but go hay wire after marriage due to lack of discipline. I know women who never had sex with a soul except their husbands but slept around after marriage. They went completely berserk! There are men who went astray too!
Sexual purity is for life! You must learn to discipline your mind and body to do what is right. Lots of married couples masturbate when their spouses are not available (due to sickness, pregnancy or extensive travel) or keep a secret lover somewhere. Some do video chat with their lovers, some have very erotic chats with their ex on line.
I was searching for an info on google recently and came across leaked videos of people having sex in dangerous, disgusting places. These are real people, singles and married having sex in the bush, behind a rock, on the road or wherever. These people got caught and the video went viral. Sexual sin is not something you toy with, it will destroy your life, career, ministry, vision, family and destiny!
A married man cried out to his lover who infected him with AIDS recently but it was too late, the deed has already been done.
Be disciplined! It's not enough to keep your hymen. It's not enough to keep your penis from penetrating a vagina before marriage. You must abstain from all kissing, romancing, petting , fondling and caressing. If you do all that and claim to be a virgin, you are deceiving yourself! You have a huge potentials to commit adultery in marriage!
In these days of sexual perversion, married couples will do well to keep their minds from dirty thoughts, chats and relationships. Get all the sex you need from your husband/wife and keep your eyes straight. No porn, no masturbation, no sexting, no video chat, no erotic discussion with your EX boyfriend/girlfriend. Feed on the word of God daily and avoid friends who say dirty things. Pray for sexual purity if your job/business constantly expose you to the opposite sex in tempting environments!
Singles will do well to stay off anything and anyone that tempts you to sin. Once you have said bye bye to premarital sex, it's bye bye forever. Don't go back to your vomit, you will regret it.
You will not lose your testimony in Jesus' name. See you next time. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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