Sunday, 29 April 2018


You don't go into a relationship because you want him to buy you recharge cards, take you to the salon, fix your hair, buy you ice cream, go out on dates, call you per minute per second, go completely crazy over you and lose his senses! You go into the relationship to give your time, money, strengths, knowledge and whatever you can contribute to make this man's life better! You don't give 50% in marriage, you give a 100%, not 95%, not 99%, 100% of yourself! Marriage is about giving, not getting till the other person has absolutely nothing else to give!
You don't marry her because your high libido needs a female specie to cool it. You don't put her in the kitchen and expect her to slave to death! You are not getting married to her because you need a washer woman, a tireless cook, sex machine, baby factory and a good for nothing house maid with a wedding ring on her finger to distinguish her from other maids around, you marry to be a blessing not use her as a blessing! You are marrying her to take care of her, nurture her, groom her, train her, selflessly love and support her till she becomes all what God wants her to be!
Marriage is about giving not getting. When you both set out to give all you've got to help the other person fulfil destiny, your marriage will be nothing less than heaven on earth!
Marry to give not just to take!
Marry a person who wants to give as well not just take from you, that is balance! You shouldn't be the only one giving, showing love, making sacrifices and sweating to make the relationship work while the other person just fold his/her arms and watch you suffer for nothing! Both of you should be committed to grooming, inspiring and helping each other to become a better person. If you are the only one doing that while the other person is unresponsive, end the relationship!
True love focuses on giving not just getting. Look for someone you genuinely love and want to contribute whatever you have to make them a resounding success.
Only accept to marry a man committed to helping you make it in life. My ebook, "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul mate" should help in this regard.
Asking for sex in courtship is a clean clear sign the guy is out of love. He is a selfish, little devil out to destroy your life! You claim to be a tongue speaking, fire brand Christian brother and you opened your mouth asked for sex, sex? S-E-X? Are you born again at all?
That lady claim to be the general coordinator of all ladies on campus, yet she can't keep her hands off your p*nis and you claim she is born again! May Holy Ghost fire revive your senses before the little Delilah destroy your life!
I don't even know what is wrong with Christians of today! Almost everything sinful is no longer sin but accepted by grace! May the Lord have mercy on this generation!
Bottom line, give and marry a giver as well, that way, you will express your deep love to each other, the love is balanced because both of you are giving and you will enjoy heaven on earth in your marriage till Jesus comes. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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