Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Pet names are to show fondness, deep intimacy, endearment and turn a spouse on for sex.
You can use any name to address your spouse as long as it is not vulgar, dirty or sinful. Before or during sex, very deep, sexy words are used to drive a partner wild.
However, not everyone likes to call their partners "sweetheart", "baby", "honey" etc or be addressed as such. The key is the fondness, intimacy or intimacy both of you share. For instance if calling them Jones makes them feel sexy to you, there aint any need calling them "sugar pie" or "sweet konji". If referring to him as "Daddy Kafila" makes him go wild for you and it makes you feel super close, why not? Pet names are good but not the ultimate, each marriage is different. If some pet names work for you, by all means, please, continue, if not darling, please, don't kill yourself!
Some call their wives pet names with their faces squeezed like they just swallowed poison. Some women will call their husbands' sweet names but are rude, totally disrespectful and arrogant. Your attitude speaks louder than any sweet name you call your spouse. It doesn't make any sense to say "sweetheart, you are stupid to have done that, infact, you are an idiot!" With eyes spitting fire and venom. What's the meaning of that? Let the sweet name you call them match your attitude towards them.
The sweetest pet name my husband ever calls me is my first name. Whenever he says "Seun," I feel warm all over. I feel close, loved without measure, celebrated, accepted and desired. It turns me on without stress for him. We've tried other names, they just didn't work for me. Nothing is as sweet in my ears as my name on my husband's lips, it' sounds so special and sexy coming from him.
I have my pet name for him coined from his name, Adewunmi, he is my crown. Of course, when chatting with each other online, other pet names like sweetheart, baby, etc follow suit but that's not our main thing.
Like I said, each family is different and no fast rule about it. What works for A may not work for B so don't copy the Jones and throw your family in confusion.
If you are in courtship, I will advise you to keep all pet names till you are married, these words are romantic and will turn you on for sex. They are not something you throw around carelessly.
Above all, let's show deep respect and love to our spouses, that speak deeper messages of intimacy and fondness than all the pet names in the world put together. Keep your love for each other burning. HAPPY EASTER in advance. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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