Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Young minds love speed! And many times for them, speed is even too slow.This generation is used to having what they want without having to wait, this age is designed for that.The age of 'flash'.Process is passing, as there are many alternatives to quicker arrivals, so we break procedures, getting the feeling of a champion.

All things are possible with God and he could make the world in a day, yet He took His time in creation, ensuring a lasting work, the value He placed on His handwork was too important to come in a flash, so He did His work one day  at a time.Time is directly proportional to value, you give time to what you value, am not just saying what you do, but what you intentional give your time and life to.So many times in our OVER SPEEDING we intend giving less and yet want more, real life is more than this.Its the reason pregnancy takes time and growth is a process.

While you sit behind the wheel of your life, and its seems the speed limit doesn't match, you intend increasing your speed far beyond limit remember that the danger also increases as your response level reduces, then a little avoidable danger becomes a permanent damage and now the journey either becomes impossible or take even a longer period

Don't rush young man, this may take a little more time but you will come out better, take your time young lady, don't push away purpose in a rush.

You may not like the face of your teacher and that subject seems too cumbersome, follow through!
Your dad or boss seems too difficult and you are about turning your wheel before time, humble yourselves to get what you need from this stage, it won't last forever.

You can't wait to have sex with him or her, remember that the aftermath will be hotter than this present feeling.Sex is never traceless, you may not carry an unwanted pregnancy but you may never recover from an unwanted feeling, the feeling of how you should have been wiser.

Business may be fun when you speed up the process and feel smarter than everyone else, but remember this could bring hot tears in the future.

Gehazi was a smart young man and wanted it all in a flash, his master worked and he wanted the reward.Elisha was too slow,'how could he let Naaman go?',so he pursued Naaman, it was a reckless running, slow down and think young man, is that a worthy pursuit? look well at your ways, pounder the path of your feet.Esau couldn't wait to make his meal, he wanted a fast food that will cost him destiny, he sold his birthright!

OVER SPEEDING gives no time for caution nor questions, its doesn't even give time to obey traffic rules,Its against the rule in itself and what more, it puts many others in danger.So dangerous that many times it hits without remedies!

So Gehazi pursued Naaman, and got the silver, clothes and treasures he so quickly wanted, but he got more than he calculated, leprosy for himself and his descendants forever!
His master asked,'IS IT TIME to receive money and receive clothing ,olive groves and vineyards....?'
'To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1.

By Wunmi Johnson

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