Monday, 9 April 2018


When looking for a life partner, you need to relax. If you are anxious and desperate, there is a tendency to mischoose. You will go from sampling to sampling, sending unnecessary signals to the opposite sex, always expecting any male that look your way to propose to you, ask every girl you meet to date you, experience identity crises because you try to be a different lady/guy to each opposite sex you meet and you keep experiencing disappointments over and over again.
You experience shame, depression and go about with hurt and pain. Some ladies keep giving sex to keep the guys only to get used and dumped over and over again. They feel so damaged and broken hearted. May the Lord heal your heart and bring you to the place of rest.
Please, relax, your own man will come at God's own time not at your time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
Adam was fully relaxed when God brought him Eve. He wasn't jumping up and down sleeping with the animals and going insane. He was taken out of the cares of the world around him, he was asleep and Eve, his best soul mate was beautifully carved out of him and brought to him.
My husband did not come to look for a wife! He came to face his studies and get out. He said the moment he saw me and God told him I was his wife, though he admired me a lot, he initially rejected it and wrote in a 60 leaves exercise book from page to page: "I will never be engaged on campus in Jesus'name." He understood the magnitude of an engagement on his studies but being a man of the Spirit fully receptive to God and His leading, he learnt to yield and accept God's precious gift to him.
I never ever dreamt of going to school to pick a husband. I wanted to get my certificate and get out! I already had a proposal awaiting a response back at home so going to school to get a husband was out of it. But as I served the Lord with all my heart, focused on my studies, fellowshipped with the Holy Spirit daily, he brought my husband across my path, put his love in my heart and when I asked Him about the strange beautiful feeling I had for this precious guy, He told me he is my husband. I accepted his marriage proposal and it's been bliss all the way.
God has not forgotten you. He thinks about you every time. He knows you are due for a spouse and will send you one when you totally depend on Him, serve him with all your heart, fellowship with him and ask him for directions.The Bible says "trust the Lord with all your heart" (Proverbs 3:5-7), your brain is too small to pick a spouse by yourself. You need the Lord to direct you to where they are and show you the one He has ordained for you from the beginning of the world...
Relax...pray...serve Him, yield to Him and your spouse will not pass you by. You can also get a copy of my ebooks "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate" and "Overcoming Marital Delay" to teach you the things you need to do to remove the obstacles from your life and attract your own perfect soul mate from heaven. May you not mis-choose! Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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