Wednesday, 4 April 2018


May God have mercy on ignorant virgins. Please, on your wedding day, virginity ends. If not the wedding night, sooner or later, you will say bye-bye to naivete and become a full blown sex practitioner in marriage. It amazes me how some virgins still go to marriage unprepared despite all the life transforming articles by our very experienced admins in this beautiful group.
As you are preparing for wedding (I'm talking to the mature ones preparing for marriage). Prepare to:
1. Sleep Naked.
2. Loosen Up.
3. Let your spouse touch every part of your body including your holy of holies!
4. Look into their eyes (this one no dey easy abeg. Sleep naked and still look into Dewunmi's eyes. I avoided the eyes a lot while, Jeez! ) I'm now a sex pro with the excellent art of husband seduction, so all the shyness are out of the window. Give yourself time, you will get used to it.
5. If its painful, talk!
6. No different sex styles at the beginning abeg. The major one, you don't know how to do you now want to break your back with gorilla styles, mba!
7. Brother use K.Y. Jelly before traveling to Jerusalem. In box me to know what K.Y Jelly is and how it is used, that is, if you are getting married soon.
8. Brother, "play" very well with her before you "travel."
9. Read good books on sex. This helped hubby a lot despite marrying as a virgin. It helped me too. Read!
10. You can only enjoy sex with your soul mate and love making love with your hubby as much as you desire. I enjoy love making in my marriage. That guy makes sex super sweet for me.
Marry your soul mate. It is the greatest blessing you can attract into your life. Order for my ebook HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR PERFECT SOUL MATE to know how. If you are long over due for marriage, suffering from broken engagements and courtship, you are tired of singleness, loneliness and people's mockery and wants to enjoy sex in a legitimate way, read my ebook: OVERCOMING MARITAL DELAY. When you practice everything taught in it by the grace of God, your wedding bell will ring soon.
Are you having communication problems in your relationship? You don't know whether to continue or end it? Read my ebook, LIES THAT BREAK MARRIAGES, it will help a lot.

By Oladele Seun.

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