Monday, 9 April 2018


You don't want a man to ask you for sex and you are flirting! You said you want to be a Virgin Till Marriage and you are wearing clothes that make him think you have slept with at least 10 guys! You go about with crazy mini skirts, throw your laps wide opened right in front of him and bend several times to pick only God knows what drops on the floor while exposing your mammalian glands for the guy to see. What the hell do you think you are doing?
You are alone in his apartment at 9pm watching a romantic/erotic movie, now that his hands are roaming all over you, you weakly moan "NO" and come here crying that he raped you! Whose headache is that?
Some married women are senselessly joining the league! I once attended a church programme where a heavily pregnant woman wore a skimpy gown! Chai! And she had a teenage daughter! Excuse me madam, who are you trying to seduce? Your husband or the Pastor? I pity Pastors honestly, the visual assault most of them go through on daily basis is spiritually killing!
When I see married women go all over the place with bum shorts, mini skirts, very tight trousers, low neckline, tubes, transparent clothes, braless tops with breasts swinging from side to side, I keep wandering what they are looking for? Is your husband moving about with you that you are seducing him on the road? Who are you trying to attract? Why are you calling men's attention to your body? What are you looking for madam?
A married woman once came to church without her husband in a skimpy gown exposing a sizeable portion of her bare thigh. The day her husband followed her to church, she covered up very well so who was she attracting with her naked thigh the day her husband wasn't in church?
Rapists have serious mental problems and deserve to be jailed! Under no circumstance should you force sex on any woman! To allow your erection dictate your action shows you are lower than an animal!
Excuse me women, stop raping men to rape you! You read that right! Lots of women are raping men's eyes with the outrageous satanic, sodomic clothes they wear! You know men are moved by sight and you go all out to "slay" them! You call yourself a slay queen. By the time they slay you with sex and pump some HIV/AIDS into your bloodstream, you will come back to your senses! No sex happens by accident! Cover your body and protect yourself from assault!
No walking alone in the dark, no careless exposure of your body to the opposite sex including your father and siblings. Lots of incest/abuse go on these days we just don't hear much about them.
My brother, don't allow a satanic lady destroy your testimony.
Don't allow ladies into your apartment. Give your fiancee a godly dress code/pattern if she is interested in a godly courtship. My fiance insisted I must be fully/properly clothed whenever he came visiting. If some particular clothes keep tempting you, ask her to stop wearing them around you for God's sake. Same for the lady. Ask him to stop wearing armless, singlet or boxers around you if they turn you on.
I like to act like a married virgin when I go out. My husband trained me well. He ensures I'm properly clothed before stepping out of the house and I never cease to remember the wife of whom I am out there. No careless sitting, no body exposure, no hugging/embracing men, no careless touch by the opposite sex, call me a fanatic, that's your business!
Let's restore dignity to womanhood. Ladies, dress well if you want to keep your virginity till marriage and avoid being raped.
Married women, respect God and your husband by covering up properly when you go out. Seduce him with your skimpy wears in your apartment, not other men on the road.
Men, you too, dress properly. Why would you be exposing your hairy chest and wear briefs all over the street? What's the problem? May the Lord have mercy on this generation.
Please, lets us all change for good and be good role models to our children and upcoming generation. We won't be a disgrace to the kingdom of God in Jesus' name. Feel free to share Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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