Wednesday, 25 April 2018


It's okay to desire a tall, handsome, rich man, honestly, there is nothing wrong in that if he is God's will for you, you are super lucky! Lots of women are craving hard to get that kind of man, you must be so special to have attracted him and won his love! If he is incurably romantic and generous to a fault, hear ye me, lucky art thou!
The problem here is, handsome men attract women naturally. Women love men with good looks. If he smells nice, has a posh car, is generous to a fault and very romantic, you are going to fight hard to keep him. That is the cold hard truth. Men like this do not lack females' attention. Women swarm over them like bees. If you do not have what it takes to compete favourably with other women who are fighting hard to get his attention or even wish you dead so they can marry him, it's better you don't give him a yes when he comes proposing.
If you have low self esteem, inferiority complex and you are easily jealous of others, jealousy may kill you when you see ladies swoop over your husband. It's one of the reasons most celebrities' marriages don't last. These people have fans who drool over them and crave them. No matter how strong they set their boundaries, they still have to accommodate them in the best way possible.
Murderously jealous, insecure men/women have murdered their spouse's career because they could not watch another man/woman admire their spouse! If you don't want a fly near your super hot husband, your marriage will crash!
Same with men who want a figure 8, sexy woman with large boobs and chair shattering buttocks. If she's God's will for you, thank God for His huge blessings.You may even want to share your testimony in church! The challenge is, no matter how holy, SU, or decent your wife is, men will drool at her buttocks and boobs. There is a size a woman's natural endowment gets to, no matter how hard she tries to cover or how big her clothe is, those endowments will still announce themselves. Some women are just beautiful to a fault, they just can't hide or cover it. If you are a bitterly jealous, suspicious, man with very low self esteem, please, don't marry this lady or you will die of high blood pressure each time you see a man admire her or show interest in her!
Intelligent ladies argue a lot. Don't marry her if you are an Alpha Male who wants a door mat for a wife! If you hate logical presentation of facts, intelligent argument and a woman who will challenge your flaws, mistakes, weaknesses and inspire you to a greater height, this woman is not for you or your house will be on fire 24/7 as she keeps challenging your authority in the house!
Intelligent ladies should not marry men they cannot submit to. If you do not respect his way of thinking, decisions and lifestyles, end the relationship! It's not every time a wife will agree with you. She has to ensure where you are leading her is safe, if not, she will fight against it. You must be smart upstairs and capable of making sound decisions if you want to marry a smart, sharp, intelligent lady!
Rich men don't joke with their time and money. You can't have plenty time and plenty money at the same time. If you are a woman who wants your man to spend 12 hours with you per day, attend parties or go out on dates, cuddle you in front of a romantic movie for hours on end and still spend his hard earned millions on you, you are seriously joking! To have a blissful marriage with this type of man, allow him the freedom to make more money while appreciating the little time he spends with you.
I'm not encouraging handsome men and beautiful women to throw caution to the winds and sleep around. There is no excuse under heaven tenable for fornication and adultery, you do it to your own peril! Get a good grip over your life! You must stay faithful to your spouse no matter what happens!
The point of this post is, for every strength there is a corresponding weakness. For every asset, there is an equal liability. That is why we get married-to help our spouses with our strengths where they are weak! Don't marry them if you can't handle their weaknesses/the other side of their strengths. May the good Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading, God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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