Monday, 9 April 2018


A man who has always loved and cherished his wife suddenly wakes up and hates her with passion, this is not normal.
A woman who has always been humble and submissive suddenly becomes voracious, obnoxious abusive and difficult to live with, this is not normal.
A home which was once peaceful and happy suddenly becomes hot and unbearable, it is not normal!
A man just walks out of his home and never returns, there is more to this than meet the eye.
A woman suddenly packed out of her matrimonial home on flimsy excuses, this is abnormal.
Marriage is spiritual. It is God's idea in order to help man attain dominion, fruitfulness, achievements and success because "Two are better than one." Satan knows this, he hates anything that makes God happy. He knows your success brings God pleasure so he does everything in his power to bring God pain by destroying your happiness and razing your marriage down to ashes.
That is why you cannot afford to be careless. That is why you should always pray for your spouse. That is why when your spouse is behaving strangely, the first person you should take the matter up to is God and not your friends or in-laws.
Husbands and wives should learn to pray with and for each other. Teach your children to pray. Most things that happens in families are not normal, they are highly spiritual in nature "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood..."
Make praying for your family a daily habit.
If you always experience broken engagement and age is no longer on your side, you need serious prayers as a single guy/lady. A godly marriage will transform your destiny! It will add colour to your life. It will bring you glory, honour and advancement in life! That is what the devil is after. It's not really the marriage, it is what happens after the marriage that gives him headache that is why he has sworn you will never get married or if you mistakenly escape, he has vowed you won't marry your own husband or wife!
That is why you can't afford to live a careless life as a single person. You must be spiritual; armed by the word of God and prayer. If you roam about the street with chewing gum in mouth, even if you are 35 years old, you are not ready for marriage!
If all you do is fix hair, carry the latest designer bag, wear expensive designer shirts, 6 piece suit and spend a fortune on your wardrobe but you invest little to nothing on your spiritual life, you do not read books that will change your destiny, you do not attend church regularly or programmes that will transform your life, you are seriously joking! Read my ebooks: "Overcoming Marital Delay" and "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate" if you are really serious about putting an end to your singleness and get married soon.
Whether single or married, we all must pray. We all must keep reading, attending programmes and acquiring knowledge that will help our marriages!
Don't wait till your husband starts having an affair before you do all in your power to please, love, cherish, adore and submit to him.
Don't wait till your wife starts misbehaving, having affairs and becoming something else in marriage before you start showing her affection, tenderness, love, deep understanding and intimacy.
Negligence in these areas is what break marriages. You can restore intimacy back in your marriage and let your spouse know your needs they've been neglecting by reading my ebook: "Lies That Break Marriages" inbox me for details on how to get it.
You don't have to experience any attack in your marriage. You can move from glory to glory and bliss to bliss if you will always do things right. You will not lose your marriage in Jesus' name. Love you loads. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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