Wednesday, 11 April 2018


There are weaknesses you can't handle! Don't marry a man/woman whose weaknesses drive you completely crazy or makes you hate them! Marry the man/woman whose weaknesses create compassion in you.
For instance, I can't handle lies! I hate body odour. I can't stand bad spoken English and a man who has an uncontrollable appetite for women is a big turn off! I hate gluttony. A man who eats like his life will come to an end if nothing enters his mouth per minute, per second is a turn off, I just can't marry any man who exhibit these weaknesses. I once had a friend who always mis-spelt my name, I was so irked, I wrote him a send off letter. My younger sister had to beg me not to deliver it.
We all have weaknesses. No one is perfect. Marry a man/woman who wants to help you overcome your weaknesses not abuse, judge, criticize, condemn and crucify you. That is not marriage, it is hell, it is a prison yard, it is asylum!
You can't handle some weaknesses! Stop forcing yourself on a relationship that is going no where to happen. Stop dragging yourself along! Stop forcing yourself to love that man/woman, marriage is not by force. When you meet your God ordained spouse, you will love their total package including their strengths and weaknesses!
I'm a no-nonsense woman! God has used my husband a great deal to soften me and make me a pleasant, young lady today. I don't run away from challenges, I run towards them, I face them headlong and crash full speed into them! I could talk to anybody regardless of the age, status and class. No one or nothing freaks or scares me! I gat that sharp tongue and used it with vigour when provoked! My tongue could cut a person to pieces and shatter their self esteem completely. I was bossy, heady and non-emotional. Those and more are the weaknesses of a choleric woman.
I've met men who castigate their wives and wished they married me instead. I used to laugh silently. If you had lived with me for one month, you would kneel down and thank God for giving you your lovely wife whom you are taking for granted. Only my husband can handle me and he is handling me well. You are the one who can help your wife get better.
I am far better than who I used to be. I've changed a lot. I've soften down so much that my husband marvels when I take some nonsense from people with grace and compassion. I'm not perfect. I keep improving on daily basis. God bless my dear husband for me.

© Seun Oladele

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