Sunday, 29 April 2018


I am a shameless preacher of Virginity Till Marriage. Fervently committed to hammering it in your ears that Virginity rocks till Jesus comes! Virgins are uncommon, rare, scarce, irreplaceable, invaluable and deserve utmost care and respect from their husbands as a result, sorry sweetheart, if that truth hurts...
Jeez, but I've seen virgins beaten by their husbands, I've some thrown out of their marriages, I've seen some battered by their husbands, I've seen some lament woefully, they regret marrying their spouses. I've seen men regretting and lamenting marrying their virgin wives. One man literally ran away from home when she almost snuffed life out of him! One literally showed her husband perfect hell on earth, the list is endless.
I've seen virgins adored and celebrated, I've heard of one who literally bought his wife a brand new car because he "met her at home." I've seen women completely adored, respected, trusted and honoured by their husbands who were flabbergasted to meet their extremely beautiful wives as virgins.
When one of my mentees told me she married as a virgin and how her husband totally celebrates and drools over her. I was amazed! She's such a very beautiful, powerfully endowed woman both in face and body, I couldn't help exclaiming "waoh!" Under my breathe. Her husband is just super lucky to have her!
However, virginity is never enough to enjoy a great marriage. You must add wisdom to your virginity. If you are foolish and pick the wrong man, first and foremost, your virginity will go into the dustbin, secondly, you won't be valued. Virginity becomes priceless, invaluable, celebrated and cherished when given to the right person in marriage.
On top of your virginity, add character. Don't be an uncontrollable, indisciplined and hot tempered virgin. Virgins who are local gossips, lazy, idle, indolent, very dirty, saucy, sassy, pompous, arrogant, rude, snobbish, stupid, careless, sexually daft (in marriage), bad cooks, spiritually dead, physically repulsive, mentally backward, morally bankrupt and emotionally undisciplined won't have a great marriage.
I've seen non-virgins, ex prostitutes, mother of illegitimate children enjoy unlimited bliss in marriages because they are wise. They realized they've made a mistake in the past and must work hard to keep their homes, husbands' love and family together while the foolish virgins cross their legs and expect their husbands to love them just and only because they had their hymen intact till marriage, what's the meaning of that?
Keep your virginity at all cost, you will keep your self esteem, save yourself lots of trouble and win your husband's trust forever.
If you are not a virgin but repentant and COMPLETELY changed for good, you are a brand new virgin in Christ. Invest in your mind, your spirit, soul, body, career, vision, ministry and future. Forget your past, develop a sound, solid, self esteem, have confidence in God and be proud of the great woman you are becoming, men will fall over themselves to marry you. No man can resist a godly, virtuous, attractive, intelligent woman. Be a wise virgin for Christ.
Lets all be wise virgins for Jesus. Jesus is coming back soon. Stay rapturable till His appearing. You are so much loved by Him. I love you too with the whole of my heart. thanks for reading. Feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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